Benefits of Studying Abroad

The benefits of studying abroad go beyond education.A degree from an international university is more than just a means of expanding your career and personal horizons. Studying a major or degree abroad is one of the most enriching experience a student can receive.  Around 93% of Education agencies in India have reported that there is increased demand for abroad education. This year already more than 2,45,000 students have already left to pursue their desired degrees in foreign universities. These are some of the reasons you should consider studying abroad.

  1. Education

    Countries like USA, UK etc. have some of the finest education systems in the world. Millions of students flock to these countries each year applying to the best educational institutions such as Harvard University, Oxford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, known to produce marvelous entrepreneurs, Nobel laureates and scientists. The top 10 universities according to the world QS rankings are all located in western countries; a primary evidence of their brilliance in imparting education. By studying in such prestigious institutions, students have the opportunity to experience a style of education that is yet not available in India.

  2. Diversity of Courses

    Due the advanced level of education in abroad countries, students have an option to choose from a varied field of subjects as their major that provides them with greater freedom regarding their career choices. It also provides students with a wide range of coursework, including research options and skills training providing them with greater experience in their respective fields.As a result, your horizons are broadened and you have access to new educational opportunities.Additionally, certain programs abroad allow you to take multiple courses simultaneously.

  3. Higher Standard of Living & Academics Facilities

    Living in countries such as USA and Canada are highly sought after by students also because of the higher quality of life and opportunities in these countries. Interacting with international crowd allows you to network and improve your connections in your field, helping out immensely in your future endeavors. Moreover, students who aspire to become engineers, software developers or doctors often aim to study in international institutions because of the exposure to world class university laboratories, as well as projects and internships that are readily available at the best companies.

  4. Better Employability

    Students who have experiences in studying abroad are highly sought after by employers. An overseas degree demonstrates courage, flexibility, cultural sensitivity, and an understanding of how other people work and think. When applying for internships and jobs, that’ll enable you to be ahead of the competition as this experience provides with you with skillsets that are not available in Indian universities.

  5. Global Perspective

    Studying provides a global perspective to students who have usually experienced a linear way of life. You will gain a better understanding of culture and new perspectives if you study abroad.The way we react to different situations is often influenced by our cultural background. It can be useful to gain different perspectives in order to develop a new way of looking at experiences. By studying abroad, you’ll meet people with different upbringings, helping you widen your horizons and broaden your mind. You are also keen to learn new languages and experience new forms of literary culture that allows you to grow significantly as a person.

  6. Career Options

    Studying in international institutions also allows you to have several better opportunities and increases your employability after graduation. Students who have experience abroad are prone to have better soft skills that often help in boosting their career profile and resume. International exposure unarguably provides you with edge in a competitive job market.

Studying  in a world class university does not only help you excel in your academics, it provides you with skills that benefit your career goals in the long run and gives you a lifetime of experience.

  • Nilesh Saraswat
  • 13 August, 2022