Top 6 Countries for International Students in 2024


Our best countries for international students

The best countries for international students vary depending upon whom you ask. We have been helping students study abroad for quite a while and have developed our own list. It is based on a number of things from ease of application to universities and visa acquisition to the lack of potential language barriers for international students (notice that most of them are English-speaking countries). Although we constantly mention these places on our website, we have decided to list them all in one place alongside explanations for why they get our vote.
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1. USA

The United States of America need no introduction when it comes to the quality of their education and the comprehensive programmes that they offer. From a robust academic resume to a thriving, multicultural social life, places of higher learning in the States are quite unlike any other in the world. Although getting a student visa can be a little tricky depending on where one is from, it does not change the fact that so many of the world’s most elite scientists, social pioneers, as well as artists have been the product of American universities.

2. Canada

Not too far from their aforementioned neighbour, Canada is a country that offers incredible opportunities for those looking to spend time at incredible universities. The language makeup here is slightly more complicated as the country does also feature a sizeable French-speaking population. This is excellent news for any aspiring polyglots who would like to study at one of the best countries for international students! Furthermore, the process to obtain a Canadian student visa (referred to as a study permit) is noticeably less complicated. Foreign students will also no doubt appreciate the robust Canadian welfare system and their care for the student population.

3. UK

Home to two of the world’s oldest institutions of higher learning, the United Kingdom is an attractive destination for any student looking to study abroad in pursuit of academic excellence. Not only that, but this country offers loads of other benefits such as access to a rich cultural tapestry as well as natural wonders. Like the USA, it is primarily an English-speaking country, so you will only need to know that language to be able to get around successfully. Students wishing to work part-time jobs while studying will also appreciate this place.

4. Australia

Let us take a trip to the other side of the world now with the “land down under.” If you are not someone who is scared of the natural wildlife of this place, then its impressive list of world-class universities is sure to attract you. Many famous scientists and other celebrities have finished Australian universities. Another thing that makes it one of the best countries for international students is the comparatively easy visa acquisition process for international students who would like to study there.

5. New Zealand

Close to its neighbour, New Zealand is frequently slept on when it comes to the countries international students consider for their favourite destination. However, if you are looking for comfortable and affordable accommodation, innovative study abroad programmes, as well as exciting career opportunities after you have obtained your degree, then this incredible place might just be for you! Another great thing about New Zealand is that it is known as one of the safest countries in the entire world, making it an incredibly attractive prospect for somebody who is afraid of living away from home for the first time.

6. Singapore

Finally, we come to the last country on our list but not the least by any stretch of the imagination. Apart from offering high-quality institutions of higher learning with a long tradition of academic excellence, this Southeastern Asian country has a number of other benefits for international students. On top of being one of the safer locations (similar to New Zealand), it is rich in cultural history and can expand your social horizons. Their student pass also gives you other benefits besides simply being able to study there.

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We hope that our list was satisfactory. When it comes to most things that international students look for, from ease of communication to attractive academic prospects, the countries we have picked out excel in those areas. If you want to learn more, we have an entire section on our website that talks about these countries and their prospects. Furthermore, clicking on any of the links featured in the subheadings about individual countries in this article will take you to others explaining those things in detail. For any other questions that are not answered there, feel free to get in touch with us and start your studying abroad journey!


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