Mistakes to Avoid While Applying for Studying Abroad

Studying Abroad

Most students are stressed just thinking about applying to institutions abroad. This is due to the perception that for international students, applying to global universities is extremely tough and requires too much time. However, if you are considering studying at a foreign institution, you should be aware of one basic fact that most colleges overseas desire more international students on their campuses. They seek variety in their classes since learning isn’t only about academics for them. They want interactions and engagement between students with diverse cultural backgrounds, which helps to develop a multicultural personality. 

So Without any further do, let’s Dive into the Mistakes that can Ruin Your Study Abroad Plans, and How You Can Avoid Them –

Lack of Proper Research>

For most international students, the most difficult part is research. The most obvious indicators of insufficient research are if you just know about a few institutions and have not explored course possibilities, financial assistance, scholarships, on-campus facilities, location, weather, or cost of living.

The nice part is that all of this information is easily accessible online on the portals of the universities. Examine the websites of each of your nominated institutions thoroughly to ensure that you are aware of all relevant information.

Lack of Interaction with the University Personnel>

Almost every foreign university employs at least one admissions counsellor whose only responsibility is to guide international students. Most students, however, are unaware of this reality. That is why, rather than Googling it, it is best to write to the institution if you have any questions or are confused. Many university websites include contact information of their foreign admissions counsellor. If no such counsellors are available at the universities of your choosing, you might write an email to the international student group. There is a good possibility you will discover someone who will answer all of your questions correctly.

Lack of Proper Knowledge of the Visa Process>

The visa application procedure is one of the most significant aspects of studying abroad. Many students prefer to take it lightly, which has major repercussions. The proper procedure begins with thorough research about the requirements for obtaining a student visa. Check that you are applying on time and that you have all of the necessary paperwork. Some documents, for example, must be translated into English. Before applying for the visa, make sure you are fully informed of the criteria. The visa processing periods are lengthy, and your return may cause you to be late for the intake you wish to attend.

Lack of Knowledge of University Procedures & Timelines>

Unlike Indian college admissions, the international admissions procedure is not simplified. Every institution and college has a unique timetable and procedure. There are several institutions that accept applications all year, while others have just three application deadlines. You must be aware about the admission processes of the universities you’ve shortlisted thoroughly.

Admissions counsellors can only assist you with university-related information and cannot assist you with visa-related issues. As a result, you must prepare for the visa procedure independently. And despite all that going on, you must remain calm and patient, and not lose focus of your plans.

Not Planning About Post-arrival Happenings>

Your preparation does not end with gaining admission to a university or obtaining a visa. You should also establish a strategy for how you’ll do things after arriving on the university campus. You must have a plan regarding the accommodations. Where will you stay for the first few days after arriving in the city? How far is the university from your temporary accommodation? What are the affordable accommodation options available around the university? How do you plan to eat? etc. You must do thorough research about these things before-hand so that things go smoothly and you don’t start to panic after arriving in a foreign country.

Not Planning About Your Finances Beforehand>

Before you leave your nation, do some research on currency rates and the cost of living. If you do not have a clear estimate or budget in place, further difficulties may occur. There is no perfect budget for adults or students because everyone has different demands. However, there are some essentials, such as tuition, books, lodging, travel expenses, money for medical bills, food, and similar items.

Writing Sub-par SOPs & Essays>

The Statement of Purpose or College Essays is the most significant piece for each university application. These are just a list of your successes and ambitions. These materials assist admissions personnel in determining whether or not you are a suitable fit for the university. They want to know what you bring to the table and how you can help the campus community.

In these publications, don’t be humble about yourself. Mention how well you did on particular examinations. Mention your participation in sports. Mention your involvement with theatre or music. Sharing your successes can greatly improve your application and may help qualify you for financial possibilities. However, don’t overstate or mislead about your accomplishments. Be honest and don’t exaggerate your achievements.

Bottom Line>

Studying abroad is usually an exciting and life-changing experience. It not only improves the quality of your education, but it also helps you to extend your horizons and cultivate an all-around and cosmopolitan personality. However, thorough investigation of all the prospects is required to avoid future issues and concerns. 

Doing all this can be a tedious & time consuming task and will require a dedicated effort on your part, which can be overwhelming at times. And that’s why Allen Global Studies Division keeps on publishing valuable information regularly, so that you can get all the help in pursuing your dreams. But if you still feel that you won’t be able to manage on your own and need help, feel free to contact us by filling the registration form below. Our study abroad experts are always ready to assist and counsel you. All the best! 

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