Student Discounts While Studying Abroad

Save Money in the UK, USA, Canada, and More

Studying abroad is a fantastic opportunity, but it can also be expensive. Fortunately, many countries offer student discounts to help you save money on everything from travel and food to entertainment and technology. Here is a guide to some of the best student discounts available in popular study abroad destinations: the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.


In the UK, student discounts are abundant and easily accessible. Here are some top options:
● 16-25 Railcard: Save up to a third on train fares for £30 per year.
● Student Beans and UNiDAYS: Offer discounts up to 50% on various products and services including ASOS, Apple, and Samsung.
● NUS Totum Card: Provides discounts on dining, entertainment, and more, for around £14.99 per year.

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Students in the USA can also take advantage of numerous discounts:
● ISIC Card: Offers discounts on travel, dining, and more for $25 per year.
● Student Advantage Card: Provides discounts on Amtrak, Greyhound, and various retailers, with annual memberships around $30.
● Apple Education Store: Offers up to $200 off on Apple products.

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In Canada, students can find great deals on everyday expenses:
● SPC Card: The Student Price Card offers discounts on food, clothing, and more for $10 annually.
● International Student ID Card (ISIC): Valid in Canada for discounts on travel, entertainment, and more, costing around $20 per year.
● Public Transit: Many cities offer discounted transit passes for students. For example, a student transit pass in Toronto can save up to 20% on regular fares.

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Australia offers a variety of discounts to help students manage their budget:
● Student Edge: Free to join and offers discounts on technology, food, and entertainment.
● ISIC Card: Widely accepted in Australia for various discounts, with an annual fee of around AUD 30.
● Public Transport Concessions: Available in many Australian states, offering up to 50% off on public transportation fares.

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New Zealand

Students in New Zealand can also benefit from several discounts:
● Student Card: Offers discounts on food, travel, and more for NZD 20 per year.
● ISIC Card: Provides discounts on travel, retail, and entertainment for around NZD 25 per year.
● Public Transport Discounts: Available in many regions for students, offering up to 50% off on fares.

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Singapore is a fantastic place to study, with plenty of student discounts available:
● Student Pass: Offers discounts on public transportation, with monthly concessions costing around SGD 45.
● Campus Perks: Universities often have partnerships with local businesses to offer student discounts.
● ISIC Card: Provides discounts on dining, entertainment, and travel for SGD 25 per year.

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Smart Savings for Students Abroad

Traveling and studying abroad can be expensive, but with these student discounts, you can manage your budget effectively. From discounted travel and accommodations to savings on food and entertainment, take advantage of every opportunity to save money and enhance your study abroad experience. Remember, the key to maximizing your savings is always to have your student ID with you and to explore local options.

Happy studying and traveling!


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