When To Start SAT Preparation?

SAT Preparation

It is natural for students thinking about studying abroad to have questions about how much preparation is required and when to start the SAT preparation.

But since every student has a unique preparation method, there isn’t truly a right answer to these questions. The timing of your (SAT) Scholastic Assessment Test preparation depends entirely on your strengths and weaknesses across the many SAT subjects.

So When Should One Start Preparing for the SAT?

We’d Say the Sooner the Better

You should attempt to take your first SAT exam in September or October of the 11th class, according to the college applications timeline. In this manner, you can retake the SAT in April or May, or following your 11th final examinations, if you are dissatisfied with the result and believe you can score higher. If you succeed on your first attempt, it means that you can devote all of your attention to the application process in class 12th.

So keeping in mind the above timeline, the best time to start preparing for SAT is from 9/10th class. Students who began preparing for the SAT in 9/10th class were better prepared to take the test in 11th class in terms of planning, strategy, and acquired knowledge from the prior practice. 

For the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test), you will need to decide between an intensive study plan that calls for 8-10 hours per week for 3-4 months or a gradual study strategy that demands a minimum 3-4 hours per week for 8-10 months. Therefore, you need to choose between the two plans depending on your study habits and the time you have available. So starting in 9/10 class provides you the option to prepare in an easy way along with the school studies. You won’t have to take time away from your school curriculum for SAT in this manner, as your academics will be evaluated while applying to colleges.

Early Awareness of the SAT Curriculum is Helpful

High school Math and English are decent in terms of difficulty, but the SAT Math and English are a different matter. Students study a lot of literature in the 9/10th and are adept at recognising the intricacies of their school curriculum.

But in the Evidence-based Reading and Writing component of the SAT test, SAT English calls for a distinct method of reading or comprehending trends in graphs. It is better for students to become familiar with these reading trends and the peculiar SAT assessment methods for mathematics and arithmetic difficulties. Even if the test is confusing the first time, it will undoubtedly be aced on the second or subsequent attempts if the strategies for passing the test have been acquired under the skillful direction of instructors and a significant time has been given to the preparation.

Bottom Line

This is what we recommend –

  1. Start your SAT preparation from 9/10th class.
  2. Take the SAT at the beginning of 11th class, probably in September or October.
  3. Based on your own score and the average scores required to get into your desired colleges, evaluate your performance.
  4. After the evaluation of your performance, adjust the level of your studies and decide whether your current score is fine for your dream college or it needs to be enhanced.
  5. Attempt the SAT again if you feel the need to score higher.

Preparing for the SAT can be a tedious & time consuming task and will require a dedicated effort on your part, which can be overwhelming at times. And that’s why Allen Global Studies Division keeps on publishing valuable information regularly, so that you can get all the help in pursuing your dreams. But if you still feel that you won’t be able to manage on your own and need help, feel free to contact us by filling the registration form below. Our study abroad experts are always ready to assist and counsel you. All the best!

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