Cornell University Intake Process for MS Hospitality and Tourism Management

Cornell University is an Ivy League member and is regarded as one of the most prestigious colleges in the world. It has also been named one of CEOWORLD Magazine’s “Top Hospitality and Hotel Management Universities in the World for 2022.” It offers students the opportunity to receive the most cutting-edge and relevant education while offering other great services. If you want to learn more about the MS in Hospitality and Tourism Management at Cornell University, then this article is for you. We will cover everything, including the application procedure, prerequisites, exceptional tips, curriculum, and more.

Cornell University HTM Program Requirements for MS

The requirements that you must fulfil to move on with the course application are listed below.

  • Thousand words academic statement of purpose describing academic interest, background, and professional goals.
  • Academic transcripts of all the courses taken, clearly state grades and degrees.
  • A GMAT or GRE scores
  • Two letters of recommendation, One reference to your work-related skills from a current or former manager, and a second one that might be from an academic or professional source.
  • Resume describing work-related experiences
  • Paying a non-refundable application fee of $105
  • When the above has been submitted, a video essay outlining all of your details is required.

Additional requirements for Indian applicants are:

  • English language proficiency requirement (TOEFL or IELTS)
  • Forms for financial responsibility must only be filled upon successful admission.

You can visit the university’s official website for further information.

How to Get Into Cornell University’s MS Hospitality Program

Indian students must follow the steps mentioned below to get into Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration:

  • Visit the university’s official website and select the course for which you want to apply.
  • Submit the appropriate course application form.
  • Send every document needed to finish your application.
  • Watch out for the letter of acceptance.
  • You must pay the deposit after getting the Letter of Admission to confirm that you will be attending Cornell University School of Hotel Management.
  • Next, you may start the visa application process.

Cornell University MS HTM Program Application Process

The application process for Cornell University’s MS HTM program is quite simple and may be done online. Candidates should be aware that while evaluating their applications, the admissions committee takes both academic and extracurricular achievements into account.

Tips for Applying to Cornell University’s MS HTM Program

The admissions process at Cornell is among the most rigorous in the world. You must make every aspect of your application—including your academics, extracurricular activities, essays, and recommendations—as great as it can be if you want to be one of those candidates.

  1. Attain an outstanding academic rating of at least a 4.07 GPA and rank in the top 10% of your class.
  2. Strive for a 1540 SAT and a 35 ACT score to be a competitive candidate for admission.
  3. Develop at least one or two Tier 1-2 extracurriculars and demonstrate extraordinary performance in those activities.
  4. Write compelling essays demonstrating how and why you would be a good fit for the school.
  5. Utilize the Early Decision deadline rather than waiting for the regular Decision deadline. 
  6. Seek outstanding letters of recommendation from professors who are well-versed in your work and who can speak to your character both within and beyond the classroom. 

Cornell University MS HTM Program Deadlines

The deadline for Cornell University’s MS Hospitality program admissions is in 4 rounds.

Round 1: December 1

Round 2: January 15

Round 3: March 1

Round 4: April 15 is considered.

Students from India who are interested in the course are urged to apply during one of the initial three rounds. Applications may be accepted, rejected, or tabled until a later stage of the admission cycle.

Cornell University MS HTM Program Curriculum

The Master of Management in Hospitality (MMH) degree is a graduate-level business degree that prioritizes learning about and engaging with the hotel management industry as compared to a typical management course. It takes three semesters (fall, spring, and fall) to finish the degree, and a summer internship is required.

Fall: First semester

Dean’s Distinguished Lecture Series, Operations Management, Corporate Finance, Marketing Management for Services, Management Communication, Leadership and Ethics I and II, Elective courses.

Spring: Second semester

Managerial Accounting, Properties Development and Planning, Human Resources Management, Master Class and Elective courses

Summer: Complete an internship

Fall: Final semester

Competitive Strategies for the Hospitality Industry and Courses

Cornell University MS HTM Program Internships

MS Hospitality and Tourism Management at Cornell University offers excellent internship possibilities through collaborations with other notable hotel management organizations. Students enrolled in the MMH programmed must complete a summer internship that lasts eight to twelve weeks between their second and third semesters. Students can get materials and guidance from the career management office to help in their search for internships.

Cornell University MS HTM Program Career Prospects

A wide variety of opportunities exist, not just in the hospitality industry but also in other industries including banking, retail, nonprofit, e-commerce, consulting, and microenterprises. Some of the job profiles that recent graduates have been offered include brand management, consulting, destination marketing, digital marketing, beverage management, event planning, hotel development, hotel and resort operations, human resources management, investment banking, project management, real estate development, real estate investment, restaurant ownership, senior living, spa development, and academic development.

Cornell University is still quite selective, even if it has relaxed academic criteria compared to other Ivy League schools. The majority of selective universities will exclude candidates based on their GPA and test results. A strong application that showcases one’s accomplishments and potential must be combined with academic brilliance, pertinent extracurricular activities, good test scores, and other important factors.

To conclude, the pursuit of an MS in Hospitality and Tourism Management at Cornell University is a dream for many Indian students. It is strongly advised to check Cornell University’s official website to stay up to date on any changes to the prerequisites. Together with the above requirements, it’s essential to have confidence in your ability and work hard to accomplish your goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cornell an Ivy League?

Cornell University is an elite Ivy League institution that provides a wide range of educational and cultural opportunities on its gorgeous Ithaca, New York, campus.

Why is the USA the best for hospitality?

The United States is the best for hospitality since it is home to the majority of the leading restaurant and food company chains. The country's hotel industry is likewise thriving and providing improved work opportunities.

Is it worth it to get a master's in hospitality management?

Yes, a master's degree in hospitality and tourism is worthwhile because the sector is expanding all around the world. Furthermore, with the elimination of COVID-19-related constraints, the market provides limitless opportunities.

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