Massey University Intake Process for Bachelor of Nursing

The Bachelor of Nursing program offered at Massey University, New Zealand, is a highly demanded course for students having a keen interest in nursing and healthcare management. As an integral component of the healthcare industry, qualified nurses are in great demand all over the world to improve the quality and well-being of human lives.

Getting accepted to Massey University for the Bachelor of Nursing is once in a lifetime opportunity for students. With a highly competitive selection process, students must meet the entry criteria and demonstrate exceptional attributes relevant to the field.

This article explores the essential requirements for admission at Massey University, program structure, funding opportunities, admission deadlines, and insights on the clinical placement service.

Bachelor of Nursing Program Structure at Massey University

Some of the important details, such as key dates and deadlines, for Massey University’s Bachelor of Nursing intake are as follows: 

  • Start date: January 31, 2023
  • Duration: 3-5 years (full-time, part-time, and distance courses)
  • Credits: 360
  • Mode: On-campus (Auckland, Manawatū and Wellington campus)
  • Subjects offered such as Pediatric Nursing, Professional Nursing, Mental health and addictions, Integrated care, Pharmacology, etc.
  • The program is based on parts i.e. you must first complete the first part, based on which you will be promoted to the second and then the third (year-wise).


Massey University Bachelor of Nursing Entry Criteria and Selection Process

Entry criteria: The general admission requirements for the Bachelor of Nursing program at Massey University are summarised below:

  1. Academic Qualifications: For international students including Indians, All India Senior School Certificate for Year 12 with an overall percentage of 75% and a minimum of 60% in English is mandatory. 
  2. English Language Proficiency: English proficiency examinations like IELTS, TOEFL, NZCEL, PET and Cambridge English Qualifications are given consideration at Massey University.
  3. Personal statement: A motivation statement of up to 300 words stating the willingness to join the course is a must.
  4. Health requirements: Applicants must produce a medical certificate of fitness from a registered medical practitioner, to register as a nurse in New Zealand.
  5. Police Clearance: Applicants must provide proof of police clearance from all countries (where the stay period was more than six months), to demonstrate no criminal cases/offences against the applicant’s name.

Selection process: The program is offered to only a limited number of academically bright applicants. The final selection for admission to the Bachelor of Nursing program at Massey University is based on the following criteria:

  • Academic Excellence
  • English language proficiency score
  • Health certificate provided by a certified medical practitioner
  • Personal Interview Performance
  • Additional volunteering experience/skills in the field

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Application Process for Bachelor of Nursing Program at Massey University

The steps to be followed for applying to the Bachelor of Nursing program at Massey University, New Zealand, are as follows: 

    1. Research about the program: Thorough information must be gathered about the program, its entry requirements, program structure, application, and selection process, and scholarships available.
    2. Submit online application: The application process must be completed by applying along with all relevant documents online. The documents include personal details, academic qualifications, English language proficiency test scores, etc. 
  • Submit supporting documents: Other relevant information in the form of police clearance, character certificate, academic transcripts, resume, motivation letter, etc. must be uploaded on the website along with the application form.
  1. Attend the Interview and accept the offer letter (if selected): A one-on-one personal interview may be conducted to assess the general knowledge and communication skills of the applicant. Upon rigorous scrutiny, if found suitable, an offer letter will be sent to the candidate that must be accepted within the given deadline. This would include paying the desired tuition fee and other formalities before joining the classes.
  2. Attend Induction: Attending an induction cum orientation session is the final step towards enrollment in the course, followed by the formal commencement of classes.

What is the Clinical Placement Experience like for Bachelor of Nursing Students at Massey University?

The clinical placement experience for students of the Bachelor of Nursing at Massey University is an inherent part of the final year of the course curriculum. The following provisions are made for students: 

  • Providing in-depth understanding, and the application of that knowledge in the healthcare industry. 
  • It particularly ascertains exposure to hospital settings, health centres, clinics, and clinical settings involving patients of all age groups for nursing students.
  • The students are supervised and mentored by registered medical practitioners, senior nurses, and doctors who guide and advise them on their performance. 
  • Students are also allowed to undergo self-reflective assessments by working on given assignments regularly. 

In a nutshell, the clinical placement experience offers a valuable learning opportunity and helps me gain practical experience as a nurse.

Bachelor of Nursing Fees and Funding Options at Massey University

The tuition fee for international students, including Indians, enrolled in the Bachelor of Nursing program at Massey University is approximately USD $35,840 per year. The following funding options are available to students enrolled at Massey University:

  • Scholarships
  • Availability of student loans
  • Access to part-time work
  • Employer funding

Tips and Strategies for Students to Avail Bachelor of Nursing Seat at Massey University

Some tips and tricks that help students to grab a seat in Bachelor of Nursing program at the reputed Massey university are as follows:

  • You must thoroughly research the program requirements, eligibility criteria, fees structure, clinical placement opportunities, scholarships and funding opportunities, and/or any other prerequisites for international students.
  • You must be vigilant of the dates and deadlines for admission to avoid any end-minute complications. All required documents must be gathered well in-advance of commencing the application process. 
  • You must obtain a decent score in the English proficiency tests.
  • You must draft a strong personal statement letter justifying your motivation to get admitted to the program. You must rightly highlight your academic achievements and future aspirations.
  • You must demonstrate prior experience in the field in the form of internships, part-time jobs or volunteering society activities.

Job Opportunities in Nursing at Massey University

Massey University offers a wide range of job opportunities in nursing, including teaching, research, and clinical practices. However, additional degrees such as the postgraduate degree in nursing is essential to open more employment opportunities at Massey University. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Lecturer in Nursing
  • Research Nurse
  • Clinical Nurse Educator
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Nurse Manager


In a nutshell, the Bachelor of Nursing program at Massey University offers students an excellent opportunity to imbibe deep knowledge and practical nursing skills to be professional nurses. Massey University provides world-class facilities and vibrant campus life that prepare students for a challenging occupation that positively influences society.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the Ratio of Theory to Practical Learning in the Bachelor of Nursing Program at Massey University?

The Bachelor of Nursing program observes an equilibrium of theory and practical learning sessions. Preliminary years normally comprise theory subjects while later years are mostly practical-based.

Is there Part-time or Distance Learning Options Available for the Bachelor of Nursing Program at Massey University?

Massey University offers part-time as well as distance learning options for the Bachelor of Nursing program that provides convenience to students staying in far off places and for employed individuals.

What is the NCLEX-RN Pass Rate for Massey University Bachelor of Nursing Graduates?

NCLEX-RN is a licensing exam that must be obtained by nursing graduates to practise nursing in the United States of America. Thus, NCLEX-RN is not mandatory for nurses in New Zealand.

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