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    AGSD Long Term Courses are available from standard 9th onwards and each course focuses on a different stage of preparation.

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    Do you wish to study abroad? Are you looking for the appropriate university? Let us make the process simple for you.

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    Welcome to ALLEN Global Studies Division, a premier institute that provides complete end-to-end support and guidance to students who aspire to study abroad. We offer comprehensive study-abroad counseling, support and guidance courses that include personalized mentorship, standardized test preparation assistance, profile building assistance, applying for top scholarships, complete student visa assistance, and a customized curriculum to suit each student's needs.

    Our mission is to provide students with the necessary tools and resources to succeed academically and personally. Our highly qualified and experienced faculties are committed to providing the best academic support and personal care to students, helping them meet their career goals and objectives. Our core values of determination, honesty, authenticity, integrity, devotion, humanism, holistic learning, social ethics, and concern for society & environment are closely interwoven into the fiber of our academic programs.

    We take pride in nurturing ethical and responsible career leadership in our students, and providing them with a lifelong connection to ethics and excellence in global leaders. Join us at ALLEN Global Studies Division, and let us help you achieve your academic and career goals.


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    Is pursuing a bachelor’s abroad only for the wealthy?

    No, it isn't just for the wealthy. Though it can be costly, ranging from INR 80 Lacs to 2 Cr, there are ways to finance it through scholarships, grants, loans, and part-time jobs. You can pick an affordable location, apply early, and plan your budget wisely to save money. ALLEN Global Studies Division can assist in finding and applying for suitable scholarships and financial aid. Our numerous students have already secured scholarships. Visit our website or Instagram page & check them out.

    Can I prepare for studying abroad on my own?

    You can prepare for studying abroad on your own, but it can be challenging and time-consuming. You will have to research extensively about the universities, courses, admission requirements, deadlines, scholarships, visa process, and more. You will also have to prepare for standardized tests, write essays, get recommendations, and apply to multiple universities on your own. You may also face doubts, confusion, and stress along the way.

    Who should enrol in ALLEN Global Studies Division?

    Anybody who wants to study in the top 250 International universities or wants to have an option of applying there as a backup along with Indian colleges for pursuing a bachelor's should enrol with us. We cater to students from all streams and backgrounds, such as science, commerce, and arts. We help you find and apply to the best courses and universities that match your interests and goals.

    What are the mode, duration, and time needed per week for the course?

    Our courses are entirely online. You can access the course from anywhere and anytime through our online platform. Our Long-term courses are year-long, and the time needed per week is 7-10 hours. With our customised curriculum, you can easily manage it with your regular studies.

    Is my admission guaranteed to a top International university if I join ALLEN Global Studies Division?

    While joining ALLEN Global Studies Division does not guarantee admission to a top International university, we assure you we provide the ultimate support and guidance to improve your chances. We help enhance your profile, prepare for tests, write essays, apply for scholarships, and assist with the visa process. Admission ultimately depends on the university's criteria.

    Will I be able to get a scholarship?

    Getting a scholarship depends on a lot of factors, including your financial conditions & past academic performance. Universities and other organisations have their criteria & evaluate your profile thoroughly before providing you with a scholarship. At ALLEN Global Studies Division, we try our best to make sure you can get a scholarship, but this cannot be guaranteed.

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