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Applying for the VISA seems like the most easy task therefore, most of the students choose to take action on it at the final stages. Still it is one of the steps where most of the applications get stuck. The VISA rejection rate varies between 4-25% depending on the country and its government norms.

What to do if you feel stuck while applying for a VISA?

Visa norms/ guidelines of each country are different. At Mentora we have a team of professional experts to guide you in clearing this crucial step in the overseas education application process. Our visa team of experts are well versed with all the rules and guidelines of each country therefore, they can assist candidates in getting the VISA process completed with correct documentation as per the embassy’s requirements. We help students to fulfill their dreams with a few easy steps so you can receive your Visa conveniently.

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Overall the VISA process can be a deciding stage that has the power of making or breaking a dream. Therefore, it's important that no stone is left untouched. Preparing your financial statements to making you understand the interview process, our VISA assistance determines the successful onset of your study abroad journey.

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