Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Scholarship

The Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Scholarship is one of the prestigious scholarships awarded to academically outstanding students pursuing degree programs at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Numerous types of scholarships are provided by NTU for students pursuing undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs. 

NTU offers scholarships for international students such as NTU Academic Scholarships, NTU Research Scholarships, NTU Leadership and Service Scholarships, NTU Sports and Arts Scholarships, and NTU ASEAN Scholarships. The NTU Scholarship is a highly reputed award provided to support students academically, financially, and professionally. The benefits of a NTU scholarship include financial support, academic recognition, rich cultural experiences, personal and professional growth, and access to modern resources. This article provides a brief overview of the types of scholarships offered by NTU for international students, including Indians, their eligibility criteria, and their benefits.

Eligibility Criteria for NTU Scholarship

Depending on the type of scholarship program applied for, the eligibility criteria may vary. The following are the general eligibility requirements for availing of the NTU Scholarship: 

  1. You must demonstrate a strong academic record by presenting your academic scores and transcripts as proof of your academic achievements. 
  2. You must demonstrate proficiency in the English language by taking the language proficiency tests (e.g. SAT, GRE, etc.) and submitting your scores during filling out the scholarship form.
  3. You must be able to demonstrate your zeal towards pursuing a particular program in the form of extra-curricular activities and/or community service.
  4. For applying to PhD scholarships, you must be able to present your research experience and potential in the form of research or review papers.
  5. Some types of scholarships offered by NTU may be available only based on financial need. 
  6. The scholarship is open to local as well as international students, including Indians.

The NTU Scholarship Selection Criteria are based on all the aforementioned points, thus making the selection process a highly competitive one. The assessment is made with due consideration for all requirements, and the best among all applicants are selected for final enrolment.

How to Apply for NTU Scholarship for Undergraduate Studies

Following are the general steps for the NTU Scholarship application process for undergraduate programs:

  • The NTU website must be browsed vigilantly to search for open scholarships for undergraduate programs and their deadlines. 
  • Carefully look for the eligibility criteria and entry requirements for admission to the selected program of study.
  • Submit the admission application form to NTU through NTU’s official website. 
  • The scholarship may then be applied for by filling out the scholarship form. This would include submitting relevant documents such as academic scores, transcripts, language proficiency test scores, a personal statement, etc.
  • Wait for the result. The selection process is highly competitive and may take a few months before the final declaration of the results.

NTU Scholarship Deadline

The application process for the NTU Academic Excellence Scholarship commences in November and closes in March for the August intake. Likewise, the application process for NTU Research Scholarships opens in September and closes in November for the January intake. The NTU Scholarship Deadline may vary with the type of scholarship scheme applied for. The scholarship may be applied for at the time of filling out the application form or can be filled out separately after the admission is confirmed.

Due to the limited seats available at NTU for international students, the application process must start very early to avoid the last-minute hassle. 

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NTU Scholarship for the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program

NTU offers Scholarship for the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program as follows:

  1. NTU MBA Scholarship: NTU scholarship for the MBA program is a financial aid scheme offered by NTU, Singapore, for academically bright students pursuing a Master of Business Administration at Nanyang Business School. It covers tuition fees and general living expenses. 

NTU’s Business School also offers 

  • Nanyang Women in Business Scholarship (for women)
  • Nanyang Emerging Market Leader Scholarship
  • Nanyang Diversity Leader Scholarship (for minorities) 
  1. Nanyang Fellows MBA Scholarship: This scholarship program is offered by NTU to support students pursuing a one-year full-time MBA degree at Nanyang Business School. Work experience of a minimum of 8 years and a good track record of management skills and contribution to society is a prerequisite. It covers living, accommodation and travel allowance.
  2. Corporate Scholarship: Some corporations in Singapore offer study opportunities to students by offering them considerable funding in the form of a partial fee waiver and general living expenses. E.g. OCBC MBA Scholarship, Keppel Corporation MBA Scholarship, etc. 

NTU Scholarship for Postgraduate Research in Engineering

In addition to the Nanyang President’s Graduate Scholarship, NTU also offers a few more scholarship programs to international students for postgraduate research in engineering as follows: 

  • Lee Kuan Yew Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Economic Development Board Scholarship
  • NTU Research Scholarship.

NTU Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Achievements in Science and Technology

NTU offers scholarships to students based on their academic performance, research acumen, and leadership skills. Each program has its own individual eligibility criteria and application procedure. To honor contributions to the field of Science and Technology, NTU offers numerous scholarships, as follows: 

  1. President’s Graduate Fellowship: This scholarship scheme is available for academically brilliant International students, including Indians, pursuing full-time Master’s or PhD degrees in any field of science and technology at NTU. This scholarship program includes full tuition fee coverage, a monthly stipend of S$3,600 (for PhD for Singapore citizens) and S$3,400 (for PhD for International students), a conference allowance of S$4,000 per annum, and one-time settling remittance of S$1,500.
  2. Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA): SINGA is a scholarship scheme jointly offered by the National University of Singapore, NTU, and the Agency of Science, technology and Research (A*STAR), Singapore. It is available to international students, including Indians, pursuing full-time Ph.D. (up to 4 years) in Biomedical Sciences, Engineering and Technology, and other Science-based disciplines. 

It covers full tuition fees, a monthly stipend of up to S$ 2,700 after passing the qualifying exam, one-time airfare (up to S$1,500), and a one-time settling-in remittance of S$ 1,000.

  1. A*STAR Graduate Scholarship (AGS): A*STAR Scholarship program is available to International as well as Indian students pursuing Masters’s or PhD degrees in Science and Engineering disciplines at any autonomous University in Singapore. This scheme covers full tuition fees, a monthly allowance, and other (book, computer, conference and thesis) allowances. It also offers a 12-months overseas opportunity during the period of study for international research exposure.


In a nutshell, Singapore’s NTU provides financial assistance to freshmen studying at Nanyang Technological University for undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral degree programs. NTU’s top-notch research infrastructure and academic reputation attract students from all over the world, especially Indians, to experience their rich culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

What GPA do you need for an NTU scholarship?

It is mandatory to secure a minimum of 3.5 GPA over 5.0, to get a scholarship at NTU.

What is the acceptance rate of Indians at NTU?

NTU’s acceptance rate for Indians is about 36%.

Does NTU have placements?

NTU does not have a designated placement cell; however, it organizes job fairs and placement drives regularly.

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