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Application Process

Over 91% of Indian students prefer to study abroad. There are thousands of universities for them to choose from. Each institution offers a diverse range of courses, making it difficult for students to even begin deciding what they want to study. As reported by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) 261,406 Indian students were studying overseas in 2020. Since more and more students are interested in overseas studies, the need for a transparent application process is also increasing.

What to do after you shortlist Universities for yourself?

Once you have shortlisted some universities, the next step is to understand the college application process. The application process varies from country to country, course to course, and university to university. From submitting high school transcripts to getting LORs written, a plethora of steps is involved in the overall process.

  • Personalized application coach
  • A thorough understanding of the admissions process
  • Reviewing your application to perfection

What do we do at AGSD?

AGSD's dedicated team of expert counselors pave the way for your application process. Firstly, understanding the application process and submitting the required documents can be confusing amid the other plans of moving abroad. Therefore, we take the burden away from your shoulders and assist you with the documentation, test preparations, LORS, SOPs, Essay's etc.  

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How can we be useful in your Admission application?

Understanding the Requirements

Although basic documentation like a copy of passport, high school certificates, and personal identification are common for most of the programs, there are other requirements as well that need experienced minds. We help you with understanding standardized tests and their minimum score requirements. We even help you in submitting the required essays.

Submitting LORs and SOPs

Letter of recommendations and statements of purposes is not everyone’s cup of tea. Professional reviewing works as added stars in your application. We assist in writing perfect SOPs that can help in scoring seats. The grammar, structure, and tone of the written materials are evaluated properly to leave no stone untouched.

Filling up the Application Fee

Our team of experts helps candidates in filling up the Common Applications and their application fee. International Applicants often have to pay an added application fee that ranges from 750-2500 INR according to country and university. AGSD assists you in getting all set done with this part as well.

Reviewing the overall Application

Once a candidate has completed the application, our industry pioneers will assess the application from the University's perspective. By doing so, the reviewers will be able to assist the candidates in correcting any errors (if any) and reformulating their manuscript to perfection before it is submitted.

AGSD is committed to helping students explore alternatives to the limited educational options available. Our mission as an organization is to open doors to a world of possibilities for students and assist them in their career development. University applications can be tricky and time-consuming, one small error can change the outcome. Our experts at AGSD are here to guide you through the process and give you the best experience possible.

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