The King’s University Edmonton Admission Scholarship – Excellence

King’s University offers the “Admission Scholarship – Excellence” to high school students demonstrating academic achievement. The scholarship is worth $3,000 and does not require applicants to have a specific undergraduate program in mind. 

To qualify, students must have attempted fewer than 9 credits of post-secondary study from an accredited institution or fewer than 30 credits from a non-accredited program with results equivalent to their high school admission average. Students must maintain a minimum of 12 credits per semester to retain the scholarship.

Eligibility Requirements

Admission consideration for applicants from countries other than Canada is subject to the presentation of an academic high school program. All applicants, regardless of their nationality, must fulfil the following three requirements to be eligible for admission:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in the English language
  • Satisfy the general admission requirements
  • Fulfil program-specific requirements.

To meet the high school admission requirements, students must successfully complete five Grade 12 courses with a minimum average of 80%. Out of these five courses, one must be academic English, and the remaining three must be academic courses, such as Social Studies, language, Maths, Calculus, Science, or Fine Arts. The fifth course can be any Grade 12 course carrying normal weight, whether academic or non-academic, but it cannot be a special project or work experience course.

Determining eligibility is based on the following criteria:

  • Admission Average or Score: Percentage Average of 90%-100%
  • SAT: Pre-March 2016: 2100+ and Beginning March 2016: 1400+
  • ACT: 31+

Supporting documentation like a study permit, a copy of your passport, proof of English proficiency, and academic transcripts need to be submitted while you are applying.

Application Process

  • Apply Online: Apply online for the undergraduate program you want to apply to. 
  • Pay the application fees: To finalise your application, an application fee must be paid, which varies based on your residency. International applicants must pay a non-refundable application fee of $140. However, an International Reduced Application fee of $100 is available for those who apply by April 15 for the fall term and by August 15 for the winter term.
  • Submit your documents: Submit official high school transcripts. International applicants are required to provide proof of English proficiency and a copy of their passport.

Upon receipt of your application and documents, you can expect to receive an email notification regarding your admission decision within four weeks as an international applicant.

The period for competitive awards and scholarships will commence on February 1, 2023, and the deadline for submission is March 31, 2023.

Selection Criteria

Admission Scholarship – Excellence being a merit-based scholarship, provides financial assistance to applicants who show high academic achievements. Upon assessment of the application you will be notified if you are to receive financial assistance.  

No separate application is necessary for this merit-based scholarship, as all eligible students will receive the scholarship. Notification of the award will be included in the admission letter, and verification of eligibility will take place in September.

Renewal criteria: Students must apply, maintain a minimum GPA of 3.30, actively participate in the King’s student community, and demonstrate financial need.


An award amount worth $3,000 is provided to students who are accepted into King’s based on their high school marks. The King’s University Edmonton Admission Scholarship – Excellence Impact on future career prospects is impeccable; receiving and maintaining a merit-based scholarship demonstrates academic excellence, which can set you apart from others in the competitive job market. 

This scholarship enhances the strength of your resume. Edmonton Admission Scholarships aid in studying at King’s University, and the university itself has many job support facilities you can take advantage of. Career assessments are available through the Centre for Career and Calling to help you identify your personality preferences, interests, and values. It  helps with understanding the current job market and trends, exploring job profiles, and researching the various career opportunities related to your major.  


The “King’s University Edmonton Admission Scholarship – Excellence” is an exceptional opportunity for students who want to further their education. In addition to financial aid, the scholarship offers a chance to connect with renowned faculty members, alumni, and researchers in their field of study, creating a dynamic community of scholars that can enhance academic knowledge, broaden perspectives, and provide valuable insights for career development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an excellence scholarship?

Excellence scholarships are a form of financial assistance given to students who show consistently excellent academic scores.

Does King's College give full scholarships?

Yes, prospective undergraduate students have access to a wide range of scholarship and bursary opportunities provided by King's.

Does King's University offer scholarships?

Yes. The University of King's College offers scholarships to acknowledge academic achievements and support the financial needs of students pursuing their education.

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