Who we are?


We assimilate the necessity for de regale guidance and lead the students in their academic trials.

Empowering global citizens to create solutions for tomorrow’s challenges

In 1988, ALLEN Career Institutes had formally unveiled. Since its advent three decades ago, ALLEN has provided a haven for the youngsters of our county to pursue their aspirations. Day in and day out, ALLEN has devised novel ways to deliver excellence. Once again, ALLEN is endeavoring to turn our children’s dream of studying abroad into a reality, making it happen with ALLEN GLOBAL STUDIES DIVISION.

ALLEN Global Studies Division provides a platform to explore academic opportunities abroad beyond the selection criteria. It strives to nurture the personality of students to make them World Class Professionals well equipped with wisdom, skills, competencies, values, and ethical orientation for an international career. AGSD continues to tend the tree expanding its branches, whose seed was sown in 2018 with a vision to unleash Global Opportunities for our students and guide them to make the correct career call with a way of responsibility towards society and humanity.

Working on the ideology of “LIMITLESS LEARNING’ and strictly following the ethos of value-based education in accordance with ALLEN’s philosophy, AGSD offers its entire curriculum. Furthermore, our team works with each student with a unique counseling method where a student goes through the refinement of thoughts, thus making our students mindful.

With a sense of pride and immense satisfaction, we enunciate that AGSD will be a milestone in this nations future of student attaining international institutions which will set the highest benchmark for developing students’ personalities not only in India but across the globe.

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