Why Are Mechanical Engineers in High Demand in Canada’s Job Market?

Being a developing economy, Canada has a strong industrial foundation owing to high-quality infrastructure, technological advancements, and financial support from the government. Due to its ageing workforce, Canada offers numerous employment opportunities to Indians; mechanical engineering being one of the higher-paying jobs in CanadaThis article explores the various job opportunities for mechanical engineers, their average salary, the in-demand skills that they must possess, and the future of careers in mechanical engineering.

What Are the In-Demand Skills for Mechanical Engineers?

A wide range of analytical, technical, and interpersonal skills are attributed to a well-qualified mechanical engineer. The in-demand skills for mechanical engineers include a thorough knowledge of thermodynamics, material science, mechanics, and manufacturing processes. In general, a mechanical engineer must be proficient in CAD, CAE, and FEA software. 

In addition to these, knowledge of global as well as local regulatory standards such as ISO and OSHA is essential. Engineers specializing in data analysis must have proficiency in tools such as MATLAB, Python, and Tableau.

Soft skills attributed to a mechanical engineering professional include problem-solving skills, interpersonal communication skills, innovative thinking, and time management. To be able to plan, priorities, implement, and deliver complex project goals within a stipulated time frame is one of the top qualities of a mechanical engineer.

How to Become a Successful Mechanical Engineer?

To become a successful mechanical engineer, it is important to start well. A combination of technical, analytical, and soft skills produces a well-qualified mechanical engineer. To start a career in mechanical engineering, an amalgamation of the following conditions is a must:

  • You must have obtained a bachelor’s degree/diploma in mechanical engineering or allied disciplines. A strong base of mathematics and engineering principles is desirable.
  • You must be proficient in working with computer-aided designs and finite element analysis software. These skills attract potential recruiters.
  • You must undertake an internship in the respective domain to gain practical knowledge and hands-on experience to face real-time challenges. Pursuing an internship or co-op program will build the network and relevant skill sets. Networking eventually opens up ways for job opportunities.
  • You must have good interpersonal communication skills to communicate well with your teammates, project managers, clients, and colleagues. You must also demonstrate leadership and teamwork capability to meet the desired objective.
  • You must have the zeal to remain curious, innovative, and up-to-date about the ongoing developments in respective fields. 

Job Growth in Mechanical Engineering

With the right kind of skill sets, knowledge, and experience, job growth in the mechanical engineering industry is anticipated to witness a steep increase. The demand for mechanical engineers usually remains high owing to their requirements in 

  1. Automation
  2. Aerospace,
  3. Infrastructure
  4. Manufacturing Divisions. 

Due to greater technological innovations and advancements, they play a quintessential role in keeping up with the pace of the industry. Newer, upcoming interventions like artificial intelligence and 3D printing also require the skills and experience of mechanical engineers.

What Are the Different Types of Mechanical Engineering Jobs for Indians in Canada?

Due to a shortage of appropriate skill sets, Canada welcomes Indians with open arms to pursue jobs in their respective fields of interest. The demand for mechanical engineers in various industries like defence, aerospace, medical equipment, etc. in Canada is on the rise. The different types of mechanical engineering jobs available in Canada for Indians include

  1. Robotics Engineer
  2. Design Engineer
  3. Manufacturing Engineer
  4. Quality Analyst
  5. R & D Engineer
  6. HVAC Engineer.

The most common job titles in the mechanical engineering field include 

  1. Structural Engineer
  2. Materials Engineer
  3. Energy Engineer
  4. Automation Engineer
  5. Sales Engineer
  6. Process Engineer
  7. Design Engineer
  8. Manufacturing Engineer
  9. Production Engineer
  10. Research and Development Engineer
  11. Test Engineer
  12. Electro-Mechanical Engineer
  13. Facilities Engineer
  14. Maintenance Engineer, etc. 

The designations may be common or interchangeably used for other engineering domains as well, but with different roles and responsibilities.

How to Find the Best Mechanical Engineering Jobs in Canada?

For potential job seekers, the best mechanical engineering jobs for Indians in Canada may be found through numerous websites such as 

  1. Glassdoor
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Monster

One must regularly browse the respective company’s website to apprise oneself of the recent networking events, placement drives, or job fairs being organized to meet prospective employers in person. 

  • Undertaking internships and contractual opportunities as a start to the career also widens the horizon and provides preliminary work experience in the field. Making connections and networks during the period of employment helps pave the way for further opportunities. These short-term opportunities must be given due consideration for grabbing full-time positions eventually.
  • Most importantly, a well-drafted resume highlighting key skills for a particular job profile is a must to stand out from others. Finding mechanical engineering jobs in Canada with sponsorship from a prospective employer is also possible. You can grab a job opportunity in Canada via the Temporary Foreign Worker Program or International Mobility Program, where a prospective employer offers funding to work in their industry.
  • To be able to work for a Canadian firm, you must have a valid work permit for the desired duration obtained through a Canadian organization to prove that you will leave Canada after your designated stay. 
  • Using job search websites, networking contacts, and considering working for multinationals opens up opportunities for Indians to work with sponsorship in Canada. An immigration lawyer may be consulted for a briefing about the eligibility requirements and assistance with the application process.

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What is the Average Salary of a Mechanical Engineer in Canada?

Mechanical engineering is one of the best jobs in Canada in terms of salary and job security. Depending upon the academic qualifications, prior job experience, specialized skills, and location, the pay scales of mechanical engineers may vary. 

As per Indeed’s official website (as cited on April 8, 2023), the average salary of a mechanical engineer in Canada is about USD 76,536 per year for an entry-level full-time position. The salary may range up to USD 93,794 per year depending upon the designation and experience. Mechanical engineers employed in the aerospace industry and automotive sector earn a higher salary in comparison to other domains.


What Are the Advantages of Being a Mechanical Engineer?

The benefits of being a Mechanical Engineer include:

  • Global Opportunities: The spectrum of job opportunities for mechanical engineers may span from a million-dollar company to a low-key R & D firm, all of which have the scope of employment at various levels. The Mechanical Engineering Industry is a highly competitive one that offers a breadth of career opportunities locally and abroad.
  • Higher pay scale: Scientific research and development, fabrication, design, and construction fields are the most profitable domains in terms of salaries. Entry-level mechanical engineering professionals have a decent pay scale, which further increases with experience and designation.
  • Job Security: Mechanical Engineering is a highly evolving engineering domain due to technological advancements. The need for tech-savvy, up-to-date professionals with desirable technical skills is always preferred. Mechanical Engineers experience good job security due to their high demand in the automotive, manufacturing, and infrastructure industries. 
  • Personal and Professional Growth: Staying up-to-date with the latest technological trends through training, events, networking, etc. leads to overall personal as well as professional growth of an individual in the mechanical engineering industry. Their profile involves working on multi-faceted projects based on energy, infrastructure, construction, structures, aerospace, automotive, etc. which significantly contribute to the development of society.

Future of Mechanical Engineering Careers

The mechanical engineering industry offers professionals promising career opportunities in the long run. With advancing technologies, mechanical engineers are preferred in numerous development domains and can make significant contributions to the world. Some of the important careers that will shape the future of mechanical engineering professionals are as follows:

  • Aerospace and Aeronautics sector: For designing and constructing aircraft, and checking the performance and efficiency of different aircraft components, the services of a mechanical engineer are required. From checking the safety of landing gears to conducting safety checks on aircraft components, a mechanical engineer is a highly versatile profession with diverse roles and responsibilities. 
  • 3D Printing Sector: With the increasing prevalence of 3D printing in manufacturing operations, the future of mechanical engineering careers seems bright. Mechanical engineers’ job is to create complex three-dimensional models of components of a system such as the materials and their dimensions. 
  • IoT sector: The role of a mechanical engineer is to facilitate the integration of the Internet of Things (IoT) into systems for creating design and development of products that can provide real-time information.
  • Automation Sector: The increasing prevalence and access to Artificial intelligence have created newer job prospects for mechanical engineers in the automation sector. Material handling and its assembly, optimization of the processes, and successful integration of AI into these processes are in-demand roles of a mechanical engineer.


In conclusion, the demand for skilled mechanical engineers is on the rise in Canada due to the country’s ambitious infrastructure projects, investments in renewable energy, and thriving automotive industry. With the need for sustainable solutions across various sectors, mechanical engineers play an essential role in designing and developing such solutions. This demand has created attractive job opportunities and salary packages for Indians seeking to work in Canada’s mechanical engineering industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which company gives the highest salary to mechanical engineers in Canada?

Suncor, Shell, and TC Energy are among a few of the highest payers to mechanical engineers in Canada.

How much do mechanical engineers with master's degrees make in Canada?

The average salary for a Graduate Mechanical Engineer is $63,984 per year in Canada.

What is the salary of an Indian mechanical engineer in Canada?

The average mechanical engineer’s salary in Canada is $65,325 per year. Entry-level positions start at $50,000 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $124,258 per year.

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