Why Are Web Developers in High Demand Across Industries in New Zealand?

Web development in New Zealand is one of the upcoming career opportunities that play an important role in the country’s economy. The roles and responsibilities of a web developer are to design and create websites and applications that contain engaging content for audiences, mostly for education or promotion purposes. 

New Zealand’s tech industry is currently seeing a shortage of skilled web developers. This may also be attributed to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic; the increased prevalence of remote working and online shopping has made the tech industry search for prospective web developers from all across the globe.

There is a high demand for web developers in New Zealand with appropriate skills in the field. Numerous public and private firms require the services of a web developer, thus increasing the demand for web developers in New Zealand. The tech industry of New Zealand is expanding and would generate a lot more employment opportunities in the coming times.

This article provides insight into the role of web developers and the reasons for the high demand for web developers in New Zealand. It also gives an overview of web development careers in New Zealand and their top in-demand skills.

Role of Web Developers in Different Industries in New Zealand

Web developers are mostly required in New Zealand in numerous business organisations and avenues such as e-commerce, finance, healthcare, education, etc. These industries rely on the services of web developers to reach out to their target audiences and deliver the desired services. For instance:

  • In the education domain, a web developer assists with building, designing, and maintaining the website along with applications that support online teaching-learning activities. Web developers also develop tools and software to manage student attendance records, student academic progress, monitoring tests, and assignments, etc.
  • In the e-commerce industry, a web developer designs and maintains online shopping platform websites to sell products easily. This also includes making way for secure payment gateways and managing third-party services.
  • In the healthcare domain, a web developer is supposed to develop web systems and platforms for maintaining patient records, lists of appointments/bookings, and other services. The record-keeping must be done securely and confidentially.
  • In the finance sector, a web developer builds and maintains applications that offer clients access to banking, insurance, and investment services. The systems that they build must be secure for handling any form of confidential and sensitive information.
  • In the government sector, a web developer creates a website or application through which general information regarding government schemes is circulated to the general public. This also involves developing secure systems for managing sensitive government data and access to the digitalisation of government agencies.

Most In-Demand Web Development Skills 

Top web development skills in demand in New Zealand include 

  • Thorough knowledge of front-end skills such as HTMS, JavaScript, etc. as well as back-end development knowledge such as Python, Ruby, and PHP is a must.
  • Hands-on experience in full-stack development, database management, and web hosting is desirable.
  • Prior knowledge of user experience design skills and tools like Adobe XD for creating user-friendly websites and mobile applications is a highly valued skill among prospective web developers. Additionally, a web developer should be aware of cybersecurity-related aspects. 
  • Exceptional interpersonal communication skills, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities are some of the soft skills attributed to a well-qualified web developer. 

How Important Are Web Developers to New Zealand’s Tech Industry?

The demand for skilled web developers in New Zealand’s tech industry has increased in the last decade. With an emphasis on digitalisation, innovation, and entrepreneurship, web developers have shown a significant contribution to New Zealand’s economic growth and development. The importance of web developers to New Zealand’s economy is crucial for the following reasons:

  1. Web developers are crucial drivers of innovation and shaping the economy of New Zealand’s tech industry.
  2. The growing dependence on digitalisation has created an urgent need for web developers to constantly design and improve websites to meet customer needs and stay competitive in the market.
  3. Web development presents exciting job opportunities for international talent, including Indians, and helps enhance New Zealand’s global competitiveness by attracting skilled professionals from around the world.


Overall, web developers are of utmost importance to New Zealand’s tech industry, as they are essential for businesses to keep up with the latest trends and meet industry demands efficiently.

Web Development Education and Training in New Zealand

Some of the web development education and training opportunities offered in New Zealand are as follows:

  • University degrees (e.g. Bachelor’s/Master’s in Digital media or Software engineering and allied disciplines)
  • Diploma and Certificate Courses (offered by Polytechnics and private institutes). Internships are a part of the curriculum.
  • Bootcamps and short-duration programs (e.g. Enspiral Dev Academy, Yoobee College, etc.)
  • Online courses (e.g. Udemy, Coursera, Codecademy, etc.)

Job Prospects for Web Developers in New Zealand

The job prospects for web developers in New Zealand seem bright, as there is a very strong demand for skilled professionals in this field. As more and more online businesses proliferate, more web developers are required in the market. 

Factors that influence job opportunities for web developers in New Zealand include the level of education, prior job experience, job location, and the type of work that one specialises in. Web developers with cybersecurity and mobile application development as their specialisations have stronger job prospects. Being a highly evolving web development industry, there are plenty of job opportunities for web developers in startups and multi-national established organisations in New Zealand. 

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The new job opportunities may be identified through social media (e.g., LinkedIn), job boards (e.g., Indeed, Seek, etc.), company websites, international recruiting agencies, and also through one’s network. Some top employers employing web developers in New Zealand are Xero, Pushpay, DNA, Heyday, and Springload.

According to Glassdoor (as cited on April 8, 2023), the average salary for a web developer-based job in New Zealand may range from $71,638 to $1,00,000 per year. The salary may vary based on experience and qualifications. Check the official Glassdoor website or other websites frequently for updates on the salary.  Some of the common career prospects for web developers in New Zealand are as follows:

  • Front-end and Back-end Developer
  • Full-Stack Developer
  • User Experience (UX) Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer Manager


In conclusion, web developers are in high demand across industries in New Zealand due to the growing reliance on digitalisation and cutting-edge technology. They play a crucial role in driving innovation and meeting customer needs through website design and improvement. The demand for web developers has created exciting job opportunities for international talent and enhanced New Zealand’s global competitiveness. Web developers will continue to be in high demand for the foreseeable future as the importance of web development in New Zealand’s tech industry continues to grow.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the cost of living in New Zealand?

The cost of living in New Zealand, for one person in a major city, is between NZ$3,000-NZ$4,000 per month. A family of four can expect to need NZ$5,000-NZ$6,000 per month to live.

What is the hourly rate for web developers in New Zealand?

A web developer in New Zealand earns an average of NZ$77,078 gross per year, which is about NZ$37.06 gross per hour.

What is the salary of a junior front-end developer in New Zealand?

The average salary for a junior front-end developer is approximately $77,500 per year in New Zealand.

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