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    CONSULT Singapore T200

    • Standardised Test Prep
    • Language Test Prep
    • Profiling & Stream Selection
    • Best-Fit University Selection
    • Document Writing Assistance
    • University Application & Finalisation
    • Scholarship/Financial Aid Application Assistance
    • Holistic Visa Support
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    Grade 9

    Start Your Study-Abroad Journey

    • Learn English and a foreign language of your choice
    • Discover your personality, aptitude, and skills
    • Improve your memory, writing, listening, and reading skills
    • Get suggestions on building your academic & extracurricular profile
    • Get assistance in finding and applying to summer internships
    • Get personalised counselling on school exams, research universities and countries, and learn the fundamentals of the application process.
    Grade 10

    Advance Your Study-Abroad Journey

    • Enhance your English and foreign language skills
    • Understand your strengths and weaknesses better
    • Learn to write clear, concise, and coherent documents & reports
    • Learn to listen actively & attentively in different situations & contexts
    • Highlight your unique qualities and accomplishments effectively
    • Read faster and smarter at an advanced level
    • Develop your confidence, communication, leadership, teamwork, and problem- solving skills.
    • Get personalised counselling on school exams, explore standardized tests, participate in extracurriculars, and decide on a major.
    Grade 11

    Boost Your Study-Abroad Preparation

    • Prepare for standardized tests such as the SAT, UCAT, BMAT, and Advance Placements with online classes, mock tests, and feedback.
    • Build your academic and extracurricular profile with activities, projects, competitions, and events.
    • Take the Advance Placements exam to earn college credits and stand out.
    • Find and apply to research internships for experience and exposure.
    • Start detailed research on the universities and countries you are interested in.
    • Get detailed counselling on school exams, research universities and countries, and thoroughly understand the application process.
    Grade 12

    Ace the Application Process

    • Prepare for language proficiency tests such as IELTS and TOEFL with online classes, mock tests, and feedback.
    • Shortlist the universities that best suit your profile, preferences, and aspirations.
    • Prepare the required documents for your applications. Get feedback and editing from industry veterans and expert mentors.
    • Work on the list of universities you are interested in applying to. Start working on your applications.
    • Stay on deadline and apply to the universities best suited to you.
    • Get personalised counselling on pre-departure orientation & Visa process.

    Top UG Programs


    Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at National University of Singapore
    Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering at Nanyang Technological University
    Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering at National University of Singapore
    Bachelor of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering at Nanyang Technological University
    Bachelor of Science in Mathematics at National University of Singapore

    Business & Economics

    Bachelor of Business Administration at Nanyang Technological University
    Bachelor of Science in Economics at National University of Singapore
    Bachelor of Science in Finance at Singapore Management University
    Bachelor of Accountancy at Singapore Management University
    Bachelor of Business Management at Singapore Management University

    Arts & Commerce

    Bachelor of Fine Arts at LASALLE College of the Arts
    Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design at Raffles Design Institute
    Bachelor of Architecture at National University of Singapore
    Bachelor of Design Communication at LASALLE College of the Arts
    Bachelor of Communication Design at Raffles Design Institute


    Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at National University of Singapore
    Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at Nanyang Technological University
    Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at Singapore Management University
    Bachelor of Social Sciences in Political Science at Singapore University of Social Sciences
    Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in International Relations and Political Science at James Cook University

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    How different is the admission process from Indian colleges?

    The admission process of top international universities differs from Indian colleges in terms of criteria, requirements, and competition. International universities look at your overall profile, not just your academic scores. They also ask for standardized test scores, letters of recommendation, essays, and interviews as part of your application. The admission process is also more diverse, as you are competing with thousands of applicants worldwide.

    How costly is studying abroad, and is it only accessible to students with financial advantages?

    Although studying abroad for a bachelor’s can cost a hefty sum, it can be accessible to students from different financial backgrounds through various funding sources, such as scholarships, grants, loans, and part-time jobs. These can help you cover the costs of your education abroad. You can also reduce expenses by choosing a low-cost destination, applying early, and budgeting wisely. ALLEN Global can assist you in finding and applying for the best scholarships and financial aid options. Many of our students have received scholarships to make their education abroad more affordable. You can learn more about them on our website or Instagram page.

    Can I prepare for studying abroad on my own?

    You can prepare for studying abroad on your own, but it can be challenging, time-consuming and highly complex. You will have to research the universities, courses, admission requirements, deadlines, scholarships, visa process, and more extensively. You will also have to prepare for standardized tests, write essays, get recommendations, and apply to multiple universities on your own. You may also face doubts, confusion, and stress along the way.

    Who should enrol in ALLEN Global?

    Anybody who wants to study in the top 200 International universities to broaden their perspective and become global citizens, along with exploring new cultures, gaining academic excellence, and making lifelong connections, should join ALLEN Global. We cater to students from all streams and backgrounds, such as science, engineering, medicine, commerce, and arts. We help you find and apply to the best courses and universities that match your interests and goals.

    What is the right time to start study-abroad preparation?

    Well, the best time to begin the preparation is from 9th grade, as top International universities evaluate academic & extracurricular performances from grades 9th to 12th. But a repeater student can also get admitted to top universities if dedicated preparation is done under the expert guidance of seasoned mentors.

    How is ALLEN Global different from others?

    We exclusively focus on the top 200 international universities and prepare students according to their personalities and interests in order to help them gain admission. You get personalized mentorship throughout the course, getting one-on-one feedback and advice from our expert counsellors and mentors. We also have a customised curriculum that suits each student’s needs and preferences. On top of that, unlike others, we don’t have tie-ups with universities. Our sole focus is to prepare you for the best global education.

    What is the success rate of ALLEN Global’s Students?

    Our students have achieved remarkable success, as 93% have reached the top 200 international universities. They have not only gotten into prestigious institutions like Harvard, Oxford, UPenn, Cornell, MIT, NUS, UoT and more but also secured scholarships worth INR 1500000000+. They have fulfilled their dreams of studying abroad and becoming global citizens. You can check out some of their inspiring success stories on our website or Instagram page.

    Will I have access to course material and guidance system after the course ends?

    Yes, you will have access to the course material and guidance system after the course ends. You can revisit the lectures, practice tests, mock tests, and doubt-clearing sessions anytime. You can always contact your mentors for any queries or issues about your admission or visa process.

    What is the acceptance rate of top-ranked Singapore universities for pursuing a bachelor’s degree?

    The acceptance rate of top-ranked universities in Singapore for pursuing an international bachelor’s degree varies depending on the institution and the program. According to QS World University Rankings, the average acceptance rate for international students at ranked universities in Singapore was 70% for the year 2021. However, some of the most prestigious and selective universities have lower acceptance rates. For example, here are some of the acceptance rates for international students at some of the top-ranked universities in Singapore for the year 2021:

    • National University of Singapore (NUS): 15%
    • Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU): 10%
    • Singapore Management University (SMU): 20%

    Can you study in Singapore for free? What are the top fully-funded scholarships for studying in top Singapore universities for International students?

    You can study in Singapore for free with fully-funded scholarships that cover your tuition and living expenses. You can apply for the Singapore International Scholarship (SISS), the President's Scholarship, and the Lee Kuan Yew Scholarship. At ALLEN Global, we can help you secure these scholarships with our proven track record of helping our students get over INR 1500000000+ in scholarships worldwide.

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