AGSD's personal attention and readiness to help resolve all our queries made the application process smooth. We found them especially helpful with LOR guidelines.

Atul Nadig
WR #1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Also got admit from WR #4 University of Oxford

I initially learned about AGSD from a senior who was accepted to Oxford. The stellar and consistent result produced by AGSD is what attracted me to seek their guidance, and it was an excellent decision. The college application process can be very complex, but the right mentoring from AGSD and support in writing essays and guidance for LORs made the journey very smooth. The SAT and IELTS classes helped me achieve my desired scores, and the mentors and teachers at AGSD were there at every step to support me.

Sahil Akhtar
WR #1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Also got admit from WR #4 University of Oxford

A couple of years ago, I first met with mentors at AGSD, unsure of how I was going to pursue my journey to universities abroad. As I moved forward, the amazing team helped me in all parts of the college application process: preparing for the SAT, TOEFL, and SAT Subject Tests; building academic and extra-curricular profiles; writing personal statements, and filling out college applications. The mentors were not only always available to solve any of my queries but they were also very friendly and supportive throughout the process.The excellent guidance that my teachers and mentors at AGSD provided, is what made even the biggest goals seem possible to me. For that, I will forever be grateful to them.

Akshay Gupta
WR #1 MIT (class of ‘25) also got admit from WR #42 KAIST & WR #122 Newcastle University

I had always dreamt high, always wanted to achieve every possible target of my age, in terms of the entrances of India and admits into US colleges. However, I was not sure how I would manage it all. Allen Global Studies Division (AGSD) served as an absolute backbone and gave me the confidence, courage, and of course the right guidance and resources towards what I WANTED TO DO. My mentors are exceptional individuals who know how to carve the child's path keeping in mind her wishes, capacity, limitations, and future prospects. They helped me in every aspect of the application process, from choosing which colleges were best for me, making timelines, going over my essays, and destressing me from time to time. At any time of the day, I had them to reach out to for help, and they were always on toes for me. I am very grateful to AGSD for making me who I am today.

Stuti Khandwala
WR #1 MIT (Class of ‘23), also got admit from WR #6 CalTech

Like most of the students preparing for JEE, I was finding it difficult to get time to manage my applications for other universities. I am very grateful to mentors at Allen Global Studies Division , who not only helped me prepare for the SAT but also took the burden of reminding me of deadlines when a particular application was due. Precisely they know it well what, when and how to do and what not to. Thank you for making me what I am today!

Lay Jain
WR #1 MIT (Class of '22)

Allen Global Studies Division is an encouraging platform for all the students to truly make their dreams come true. With the constant support provided here, my journey to get into MIT became smooth and joyful. They helped me with mentorship, application process, essays and interview preparations. My mentors have relentlessly worked to strengthen my profile. They meticulously drew plans for my standardized test preparation, activities and internship courses without disturbing my regular studies and preparation for Medical entrance examinations. I wouldn’t be here without their guidance and support. Thank you AGSD.

Mudita Goyal
WR #1 MIT (Class of '24)

College application for US universities is very different from the exam based process in India and thus it makes it very difficult to complete an application worthy of approval by solo effort. This is where I got very useful help from the Global Division at Allen in writing the essays and all other application stuff which made my application to MIT better than what it would have been. I also got excellent training for the SAT and TOEFL tests which are a requirement when applying for foreign universities. This helped me strengthen my English and achieve a good score in those tests which has definitely contributed to making my application attractive to prospective universities (MIT in my case). I would like to sincerely thank AGSD for all the help and support I received from them.

Dhyey Sankalp Gandhi
WR #1 MIT (Class of '23)

AGSD helped me secure an offer from the University of Oxford. They helped me with various aspects involved in the admission process. They helped me understand the registration formalities and informed me about the entrance exams. They provided me with inputs on how to write my SOP so that it appeals most to the committee. After clearing the entrance test, they took mock interviews to help me assess the pressure faced in an actual interview.

Mayank Motwani
WR #4 University of Oxford

Before joining AGSD, I considered the option to study abroad but had very little idea about the various aspects of the application. The mentors at AGSD helped me to not only prepare for exams like SAT and IELTS but also assisted me with the application process and develop a competitive profile I was finding it difficult to balance my time for JEE preparation, Maths Olympiad preparation and the application process. The apt advice of mentors helped me to select select universities, prepare for interviews, strengthen my essays and apply to scholarships making the entire procedure smooth. I deeply thank AGSD for all the support!

Atharv Parulekar
WR #4 University Of Oxford (Fall ‘22 admit)

Hello Everyone! I am Mrinal and I recently got an offer to study at Oxford University. This has been possible only by the efforts AGSD has put into my application along with my own. They helped me write my personal statement and guided me on how to refine it so that it truly represents my personality . During the interview round, they helped me with the mock interviews, which was extremely helpful as it helped me destress during the actual interview. Without their guidance, it would have been difficult for me to reach to this stage. I strongly recommend AGSD for students who wish to pursue their studies abroad.

Mrinal Sharan
WR #4 University Of Oxford (Fall ‘22 admit), WR #28 The University Of Manchester & also got admit from WR #93 Pennsylvania State University

I would like to thank AGSD for ensuring my success in receiving an offer from Oxford, the world’s best university. When I started with my application for the UK, I was very confused, I had many doubts and many questions. AGSD was there all the time, helping me navigate through the confusing process and providing me with accurate feedback. When I got an interview invite for Oxford University, AGSD helped me prepare for the interview by taking mock interviews and stimulating the real interview experience.

Atharv N Mahajan
WR #4 University Of Oxford (Fall ‘22 admit)

I would like to thank AGSD for their continued guidance, support and motivation. The college application process is stressful in itself; the pandemic has only hightlighted this sentiment. But under the support system established at AGSD, we could enjoy the process wholeheartedly. My daughter is someone who loves to do a lot of things: writing poetry, sketching, being part of debates, MUNs, oratory contests, etc. In addition to this, she loves to pursue research driven projects, attending conferences, presenting papers, etc. I must thank her mentors for guiding her in the pursuit of her passions while balancing her academic interests. I strongly believe that a child blossoms when she does what she wants to do and I feel that AGSD is a beautiful platform to navigate such passions. Besides, I am very much touched by how personal and caring the entire team is; they have been in constant touch with her throughout this year, despite operating remotely due to the pandemic. All in all, it was a fruitful journey and I am very grateful for it. Thank you! -Dr. Sreevidya E A (mother of Aishwarya)

Aishwarya Iyer
WR #6 Caltech (Fall ‘21 admit), also got admit from WR #13 University of Pennsylvania & WR #34 University of Toronto

Allen's Global Studies Division has made the impossible seem possible by helping me throughout the application process. They have helped me by reviewing my essays and providing drafts for LORs which has enabled me to submit a competent application while equally being able to focus on studying for competitive examinations in India. They are well versed with the knowledge of universities, their requirements and processes. The best part was they were always available at any time of the day to help me.

Aryaman Bhutani
WR #8 Imperial College London (Class of ’24) Also got admit from WR # 20 The University of Edinburgh

As a high school student passionate about computer science, I was determined to attend the best university for my undergraduate studies in the United Kingdom or the United States. That's why I enrolled at ALLEN Global Studies Division, and I couldn't be happier with my decision. The tutoring I received for the SAT, AP, and IELTS was extraordinary. The instructors were knowledgeable, engaging, and dedicated to helping me succeed. I felt well-prepared for each exam, and my results reflected their hard work and expertise. But the real magic of ALLEN Global Studies Division lies in its profile-building guidance. They helped me to showcase my strengths and interests in the best possible light, and I can confidently say that my application stood out from the crowd. Whenever I had a question or needed assistance, the AGSD team was always there. Their prompt and thorough support made all the difference, and I never felt alone in this journey. When it came time to apply to universities, I trusted AGSD to select the best options, and they did not disappoint. I was thrilled to receive admission offers from some of the top universities in the United States and the United Kingdom, including Purdue University, Arizona State University with a scholarship of $12,000 yearly(total $48000 for the course), Queen Mary University of London and Royal Holloway University of London. I am beyond grateful for my incredible experience at ALLEN Global Studies Division. Their commitment to student success is unparalleled, and I recommend them to anyone looking to achieve their academic and professional goals. Thank you, AGSD, for making my dream a reality!

Daksh Tiwari
WR #15 University of Edinburgh Also got admit from WR #47 University of British Columbia & WR #129 Purdue University

Before joining AGSD, I had a vague idea of what I must do to pursue my interests, but I wasn’t completely sure what my passion was. I knew that I had to take the SAT or ACT exam to study abroad, but I was less aware of the other aspects. AGSD played a key role in helping me identify my passion and working towards building a strong profile. This was perhaps the biggest takeaway from AGSD. The application process is not just about academics, but on the overall profile of a student and AGSD helped me in turning my profile considerably. Over time, AGSD questionnaires made me realize what I truly wanted to pursue, which was Physics. I was then able to do activities according to my interest, which not only enthralled me but also became an integral part of my college profile. Given academics, AGSD trained me for the SAT exam by providing various online test series during the pandemic and was in constant touch on how I could improve. Furthermore, The mentors were very focused on what the application required according to my interests. When it came to the essays, the mentors were continuously reminding me of the deadlines for the essays and tuned it in a way that was specific to me. I am very thankful to AGSD for their constant support and guidance in my college application process.

Pravin Mahendran
WR #15 University of Edinburgh, also got admit from WR #28 University of Manchester (class of ’25) and WR #129 Purdue University

I went to Kota for IIT preparation but saw a poster of AGSD and got to know that Allen also helps students to study abroad. So, I enrolled there as it was my dream to study abroad. The teachers at AGSD were very helpful and supportive. They helped me with all the tests like SAT, TOEFL, and IELTS along with the whole application process that is required to get into the International Universities. It was only because of AGSD that I was able to get admitted to top universities, not only that, I even got admission calls from all the universities that they told me to apply to.

Rohan Chaudhary
WR #15 University of Edinburgh, also got admit from WR #91 University of Birmingham, and WR #93 Pennsylvania State University (Fall ‘21 admit)

I hail from a very rural area of West Bengal. From there, the chance to study abroad was like a dream come true. Team AGSD was the torchbearer of the entire journey. Not only did they help me prepare my applications, essays and LORs, but they also helped me to realize the strength of my profile consisting of academics and non-academic activities. I got to know about AGSD accidentally in the mid of 12th standard, and I felt I was too late. But AGSD teachers helped me to come up with the best possible solution in such a short time. I am grateful to my teachers at AGSD, who were well-versed in the entire application process and were ready to help me at any hour of the day. I really thank team AGSD for their support, without which I wouldn’t have been able to achieve these feet.

Mihita Debinath
Admit Call From WR #22 The University of Edinburgh, WR #32 The University of Manchester and also from WR #81 University of Southampton

The self-reflection exercise at the beginning of the AGSD program helped me know my uniqueness and strengths. AGSD mentors and team guided me in articulating my strengths through a well-crafted story in my application. Also, it was heartening to get specific inputs related to astrophysics /maths to enhance my profile. AGSD helped me keep track of all my application materials and focus on completing them. Under AGSD mentorship, I got critical inputs for fine-tuning my essays for US schools as well. Without their support, it would have been difficult for me to get offers from Cornell University, the University of Manchester & the University of Birmingham

Hrishabh Ayush
WR #20 Cornell University Also got admit from WR #28 The University of Manchester & WR #91 University of Birmingham

I’ve been part of AGSD since 11th grade, and the support for US colleges I’ve received from all teachers and staff is unparalleled. AGSD helped tremendously with my exams, such as SAT and APs. I’m incredibly grateful to my mentors for editing and reviewing my essay even at midnight. I also received expert guidance on profile building for USA colleges, which helped narrow my extracurricular and make a college list. The mock interviews by AGSD faculties helped me understand the college process better & helped me throughout the applications, and tolerated my silly doubts. None of this was possible without the AGSD team, and I’m very much obliged to have received everyone’s support and wishes.

WR #27 University of California, Berkeley

I am deeply thankful to the AGSD team for providing me constant support in the past 3 years. Enrolling early in the Allen Global Studies division helped me build my profile. I couldn't have succeeded to secure decent SAT Scores without my teacher's guidance on the reading and writing section. Steadily, I was able to minimize the time required in the reading section. Essay writing was one of the most crucial & challenging tasks for me. AGSD helped me understand the essays required by the different universities and write accordingly. I am grateful to my mentor and teachers to help me get the best universities to choose from for my undergraduate program.

Anuj Jain
WR #28 University of Manchester (Fall ‘21 admit), also got admit from WR #53 UCSD

Getting admission into top foreign universities is a very challenging thing. Still, AGSD made it easy for me as they worked hard and helped me get into a top international university. They have mentored me like their own child and worked with patience by listening to all my needs and my future goals. I was nervous as I didn’t want to miss any chance, but AGSD provided me with all deadlines and allocated tasks accordingly so that my other academic work won’t suffer. From guiding me in selecting universities and submitting documents, they always answered my calls, no matter the time. They helped me with essays, my program selection, and, most importantly, selecting top-tier universities. They never limited my potential but even provided me with prominent universities I had never considered. I thank my teachers and mentors for getting me offer letters from some of the best universities.

Bhavish Goyal
WR #31 McGill University Also got admit from WR#34 University of Toronto

I went to Kota for IIT preparation but noticed an AGSD billboard and learned that Allen also helps students study overseas. I had always been intrigued by studying abroad but needed more knowledge and guidance. Even though I was almost a year late, my teachers were always encouraging. The mentors at AGSD aided me in preparing for examinations such as the SAT and IELTS, the application process, and developing a competitive profile. Only due to AGSD was I able to gain admission to prestigious universities. I am grateful to AGSD for all of its help.

Sparsh Jain
WR #31 McGill University Also got admit from WR #34 University of Toronto & WR #81 University of Glasgow

AGSD supported me at every stage of application – starting with identification of professional goals, building profile suiting my personality type and goal that we decided, taking into consideration our financial status, appropriate university selection for application, applying to foreign universities, helping me in essays and more. More than that, it was the continuous motivation and unending support that gave me the necessary boost to go ahead with my dream of pursuing UG from world’s best universities. AGSD Mentors are very professional yet friendly. I thank AGSD for all their support.

Shreyans Babel
WR #31 McGill University, WR #47 University of British Columbia, WR #253 University of Massachusetts Amherst (Class of ‘23)

I am grateful for the tremendous mentorship provided by the team of AGSD, which helped to create a perfect launch pad for securing admission into my dream university. AGSD has played a vital role in preparing my strong profile with extra-curricular activities, SAT & IELTS preparation, application guidance, essay editing and even provided inputs for the excellent LORs writing to my teachers. I will always be grateful to AGSD and hope to carry the torch wherever I go.

Om Patel
WR #34 University of Toronto Also got admit from WR #47 University of British Columbia

I always wanted to study at the world's top universities but didn't have a plan for applying. This is a challenging process for which you need proper guidance and someone with experience on how to proceed. Allen Global Studies Division (AGSD) is the best platform to go for as they have already mentored hundreds of students and helped them get admission into their dream universities. They guided me through each application step and ensured I got an admit from my dream university. Thank you, Allen Global Studies Division. Keep helping more students like me and help them achieve their goals.

Kunwar Tejpal Singh
WR #34 University of Toronto Also got admit from WR #47 University of British Columbia

Applying for foreign universities is a challenging job. It is a detailed, complex and time taking event. I am an Allen student and am preparing for IITJEE examination. I came to know about AGSD from the institute. It has been a pleasant experience to work with the AGSD team to complete the process of applying to several US and Canadian universities. From preparing for SAT and IELTS to writing essays and helping my teachers to write LORs, the team helped me move ahead. The outcome of this whole journey is very encouraging. I have secured confirmed admission to UBC, UofT and UMD in STEM (Comp Science) and other state colleges. I appreciate the help and professional guidance of AGSD to achieve this.

WR #34 University of Toronto Also got admit from WR #47 University of British Columbia

I am deeply grateful to Allen Global Studies Division for the guidance during my application process. AGSD has helped me secure a bright future and one of the best universities in the world, the University of Toronto, which offered me a 200,000 $ scholarship. Accepting the admission was an unforgettable moment for me. For this, a big credit goes to Apoorv sir, Sachin sir, and their team. From the updates of the targeted universities to the profile preferences, AGSD guided me on every step of getting closer to my dream university. It was because of their excellent teachers that I managed to score 35/36 in the ACT and 800 in all three subjects SATs I attempted. While, in the end, most of the weight falls on the student, good advice and awareness are extremely essential for a student to reach his limits and AGSD helped me reach mine.

Divyansh Babel
WR #34 University of Toronto (class of ’25), also got admit from WR #64 University of Warwick, WR #83 University of Wisconsin Madison and WR #96 University of St. Andrews

I got to know about AGSD at the end of 12th grade. I was always fascinated by the idea of studying abroad but did not have any information or guidance to do so. So, in the Feb of 2021, I got enrolled in AGSD. Soon, I got to know how I have to build a strong profile so that I can get into a high-ranking university. I started attending SAT and TOEFL classes. I was almost a year late but my teachers always supported me. By being a part of AGSD, I got all the necessities that one requires to get admitted to a great university. They helped me out with my profile-making, SAT, AP, Subject SAT, TOEFL, and IELTS coaching. Profile building is the most crucial part of the whole process, and that is what AGSD helps out the most with. Apoorv sir guided me to apply to US colleges. The whole team assisted me in filling out forms on Common App, preparing me for interviews, giving tips on my profiles, preparing my LORs, etc. For Canada, Sarang sir always took to the responsibility to keep all the students informed about the deadlines of applications and all. He helped me throughout the Visa application by helping me prepare my SOP, filling out lengthy and exhausting forms, booking my biometrics and medical exams, etc. Moreover, with the great assistance of AGSD, I got a scholarship at Canada's most renowned university (UofT). They made the impossible happen and helped me get into my dream university. Allen is known for its great educating system and tutors, and the same goes for AGSD. They will provide you with the best coaching for different exams. Being a CBSE student, I was not familiar with SAT, AP, ACT, etc. As I was living far from the AGSD center, I attended online classes which were always scheduled according to my ease. The teachers are very helpful all the time. They were always there to clear my doubts. They helped me analyze my scores and gave suggestions for improvement due to which I was able to give my best in all the exams I took and secured great scores.

Dhananjay Sethi
Admit Call From WR #34 University of Toronto

I can say from my experience that Allen Global Studies Division is the perfect place to get admission into for the best study-abroad-related guidance. With the constant guidance provided here, goals can be achieved, given that the student is actively putting his 100% by investing in the process. AGSD provides great help with mentorship and application preparations from scratch. Sachin sir and Apoorv sir have provided me with the best suggestions. They drew plans for my standardized exam preparation without adding extra stress and disturbing my regular academics. Thank you AGSD!

Dhyey Mavani
WR #34 University of Toronto (Fall ‘21 admit), also got admit from WR #30 Australian National University

Allen Global Studies Division helped me a lot throughout my application process — right from developing my profile to receiving my visa for studying abroad. The teachers guided me with my extracurricular which helped me to stand out from other college applicants. Additionally, they helped me answer the essay questions of various colleges. Their classes for different standardized tests like SATs, ACTs, IELTS, TOEFL, Advanced Placement examinations et cetera, also trains you well for cracking those examinations, and they of course help you with choosing the right college.

Shubh Gupta
Admit Call From WR #53 University of California San Diego

We associated with AGSD for our kids Ishita and Ishaan. Our engagement with AGSD in the last year has been very meaningful and fruitful, to say the least. AGSD’s student orientation program for overseas studies is elaborate and comprehensive. It includes SAT, AP, and IELTS preparations, reinforcements classes, constant prompts for critical milestones, and individualized attention to help kids work on their profiles. We found the faculties at AGSD knowledgeable and aware of admission processes in universities across geographies and friendly, accessible and patiently supportive throughout the application process. They channelled us throughout the process of applications, SOPs and essays, guided us on applying to the most suited universities basis kids’ profiles and academic performance, and finally prepared kids for visa interviews and other formalities. Faculties at AGSD, Aswathy mam, Monika mam, Antim mam, and last but not least, Apoorv sir are perfect anchors who made the entire journey engaging and stress-free. We extend our gratitude to the whole team at AGSD for all their assistance and would like to thank them for the kids’ admissions to universities of their choice with preferred majors. We wholeheartedly recommend AGSD to all aspirants aiming to study overseas.

Ishita Jain
Admit call from WR #76 University of Glasgow, WR #81 University of Southampton, WR #83 Pennsylvania State University

AGSD was extremely helpful in guiding and counselling me about various career paths based on my interests and strengths. They told me about various universities and fields that I could pursue not only in the US but in Canada and the UK as well. Apart from the guidance, there were classes for SAT and ACT as well both offline and online (during the pandemic). The teachers shared various tips and resources that helped me score 1550 on the SAT. AGSD also helped me write essays and got me through with the application process. The application process became a lot smoother and easier for me thanks to AGSD.

Manasij Saha
WR #83 University of Wisconsin Madison (Fall ‘21 admit)

AGSD has helped me to turn my study abroad dream into reality. From the selection of universities that best suit my profile to the interview process, AGSD supported me in every step. They helped me to shape my personal story to present myself best in front of my dream universities which turned into their acceptance. Due to the AGSD team, I'm getting a chance to study at one of the elite universities of the world. I wholeheartedly thank them for my success.

Virendar Singh
WR #83 University of Wisconsin Madison also got admit from WR #91 University Of Birmingham and WR #78 University of Southampton

I’m happy to join Allen Global Studies Division to reach my dream university. Everything has gone on track. The best part is that everyone is so nice, and I can learn everything from home as they provide online classes. The way they oriented my university selection was great. I practice speaking with them daily, which helps me with my fluency and vocabulary. I was surprised by the super-fast response to my query. Thank you so much for your efforts in helping me out.

Jenil Katrothiya
WR #86 University of Leeds Also got admit from WR #91 University of Birmingham & WR #129 Purdue University

I joined ALLEN Global Studies Division to keep my options open for studying abroad in college. I wanted to have the best choices for my future studies. AGSD helped me prepare for the SAT and find the best universities in the USA and UK. They helped me with the application process, paperwork, and essays. I've been accepted to top universities in both countries, like the University of Bristol, the University of Leeds, and Penn State University. I even got scholarships to help pay for college. I'm excited about what comes next in my life.

Vishwa Shah
WR #86 University of Leeds Also got admit from WR #93 Pennsylvania State University

Instead of looking at what lacks in me, AGSD helped me identify and use the present capabilities that will make me stand out among other applicants. My mentor and teachers at AGSD encouraged me to channel my potential into various aspects that most universities seek in their aspirants. AGSD helped me enhance my mindset by making me think about ways to reflect my talents in apt ways, hence in this journey, I learnt to develop a multidimensional thought process. Owing to this, AGSD has made me achieve what earlier seemed to be out of my reach. In this journey, I have felt that AGSD not only understands the language of words but also the language of potential and talent.

Aditya Singh
WR #91 University Of Birmingham (Fall ‘21 admit), also got admit from WR #93 Pennsylvania State University

AGSD helped me in improving my SOPs, Essays and assisted me in application process. The trainers reviewed my written work and suggested many helpful changes in my application. Counsellors helped in specific college selection and its related work which smoothen the journey ahead. They made the college selection for me, made me aware about the various scholarships available and their specific applications. AGSD also helped me in SAT and TOEFL preparation, in which I got 1480 and 109 respectively.

Atharv S Mahajan
WR #4 University Of Oxford (Fall ‘22 admit), WR #91 University Of Birmingham & also got admit form WR #81 University Of Glasgow.

I had the pleasure of being a part of AGSD for my study abroad preparation, and it was a life-changing experience. AGSD has exceeded my expectations in every aspect of the preparation. The institute made the entire process of study abroad preparation so easy and manageable. Before joining AGSD, I had limited knowledge about education abroad, but their team of experienced MENTORS made it easy for me to understand the process. They helped me build my profile and guided me in identifying my strengths and weaknesses. The mock exams and test simulations they arranged helped me prepare for the entrance exams and admission tests in a better way. AGSD helped me choose the right institution and program aligned with my interests and goals. The support I received from AGSD was truly invaluable. I highly recommend AGSD to anyone interested in pursuing education abroad. Their services are top-notch, and their staff is highly dedicated to helping students achieve their goals. AGSD is the best institute for abroad education preparation in India, and I am grateful for the guidance and support I received from them.

Krishna Menon Kaul
WR #15 University of Edinburgh Also got admit from WR #25 University of Michigan

As a former Allen Student, I knew AGSD and its services. I received great feedback from some of their alums, so I chose AGSD to help me to achieve my goal of studying in the United States. All the teachers and my mentors at AGSD supported me and helped me through every process. Be it my SAT, IELTS and AP exams or the application process, everything was seamlessly done. The teachers, instructors, and mentors at AGSD have worked very hard with me and all my classmates to help us get into our desired universities. And I can say that AGSD and all my teachers played a significant role in my application process and, ultimately, my admission to my dream university.

Tanmay Dabhade
WR #93 Pennsylvania State University

The college application process is stressful, but AGSD’s guidance and support made it easy and enjoyable. AGSD supported me at every application stage – starting with identifying professional goals and my passion for Medicine through the Undergrad Pre-Med track and an appropriate university selection for the application. They have helped me by reviewing my essay write-up, qualifying me to submit a competitive application. AGSD team is well-versed in universities’ knowledge, requirements, and processes. They were always available at any time, even on weekends, to help me. It was the continuous motivation and excellent support that inspired me to go ahead with my vision of pursuing UG from one of the world’s elite universities. I also got excellent teaching for the SAT, TOEFL, and AP tests required when applying to US universities. This enabled me to score well on those tests, including the AP Scholar award, which made my application attractive to many prospective universities (UC Davis, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Umass Amherst, and more offers in my case) I trust. AGSD Mentors are very specialized and welcoming. I am grateful to AGSD and the team for their constant guidance, support, and motivation.

Sohan Dhar
WR #93 Pennsylvania State University, WR #102 UC Davis and many more..

The AGSD team has been very supportive and helpful throughout the entire application process. A salient feature of AGSD is that they leave no stone unturned in solving even the minutest of your queries. Frequent information sessions and mentoring provided me with all the tools that I needed to ace my exams and apply optimally. During my contact with AGSD, the team (and particularly Bhatt sir) was very approachable - even a few minutes before the application deadline! I would say that my experience has been positive and would encourage any overseas university aspirant to make the best use of AGSD's resources.

Om Mehta
Admit Call From WR #253 University of Massachusetts Amherst

I'm Tanisha Raskar proud to be an Allenite. Let me walk you through this journey of Allen Global with me. I came to know about going abroad in an Allen brochure since I already went to JEE classes there and after enquiring about the same I knew it this is what I could do and this is what I want to do. I want to go abroad for my education and I found myself capable of that and trust me Allen helped giving wings to my dreams. I had no idea one could go abroad or even knew a single word about it. But they helped me through every step be it any time they were down for advising at their best and that's what I like about Allen. They treat their students as one of their own. They help them through the thick and thin. And know that once you are Allenite you are always an Allenite they help you whenever you need them. In a systematic way I had tasks to complete and classes to finish. Right from how to book a slot for Visa to procedure of doing the transcripts to even listing down the best universities for me they helped in everything. I'm so grateful to Allen for helping me achieve my dreams. I'm now in the university I desire: 'Purdue University' and truly I would say Allen Hai to Mumkin Hai. What are you waiting for? Go join Allen Global and achieve your dreams.

Tanisha Raskar
Admit Call From WR #129 Purdue University

As a middle schooler, the best STEM higher education I knew of was IITs. I went to Kota to compete with many others pursuing the same dream. However, while in Kota, I learnt about education abroad, and its ever growing significance in today’s context. Then, after being referred to, I met my mentors. Then my life changed for the good. They helped me through every step of US university applications–SAT/TOEFL preparation, application essays, interview preparation and much more. They worked selflessly and diligently to help me get admits. The whole application process would be, if not impossible then definitely sub-par without their help! My mentors did not only help me with the application but also encouraged and supported me psychologically to pursue my US university dream and turn it into a reality. I definitely wouldn't be where I am currently, at Purdue University studying Computer Science with minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, without their help and support. Now I genuinely believe in the motto "Allen Hai To Mumkin Hai!"

Kirtan Kalaria
WR #129 Purdue, CS (Class of ‘22)

Dear AGSD team, Thank you very much for providing the required guidance to Abhiram for his undergraduate studies in Computer Science at US Universities.The numerous teaching sessions for SAT (English) and TOEFL helped Abhiram immensely and he was able to perform well. Apoorv sir helped Abhiram extensively in choosing the right universities and we were pleasantly surprised when Abhiram got accepted into 8 universities. I am pleased to say that Abhiram finally decided to study at Ohio State University for his BS (CSE). Thank you again for providing wonderful support and guidance. With regards and best wishes

Dr. Ram Rustagi (F/o Abhiram)
WR #140 Ohio State University (class of ’25), also got admit from WR #93 Pennsylvania State University and WR #219 Arizona State University

I am Riya Kesarwani from Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. I would like to thank Allen Global Studies Division (AGSD) for their support and guidance. I belong to a middleclass family and I never thought of studying abroad after secondary education. However, AGSD made my dream come true. It gave me information about every little thing and helped me in many ways. With the help of AGSD, I got offer from university with scholarship. Moreover, AGSD helped me in the preparation of IELTS exam. Furthermore, it is helping me in the visa process. I can say that you can achieve your dream with right guidance and patience. Again, I would like to thank AGSD for guiding me and clearing all my doubts towards studying abroad.

Riya Kesharwani
Admit call from WR #256 Loughborough University

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