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Document Preparation

Most Colleges and universities have their own unique specifications that are necessary for a full application. Adhering to these guidelines to ensure higher success and faster response Our professionals analyse the documents after the students have determined their universities and help them with crucial components of the application, such as LORs, SOPs, and essays.

Every effort is made to guarantee that students get accepted into the selected university

What do we do at AGSD?

AGSD offers a team of expert editors and faculty who will guide you through all the necessary steps to create and complete your application documents. Based on the country and the program you are applying to, different universities might have separate documentation and essays. Through regular interviews and consultations, we guide you through the entire process of creating all the necessary essays and provide feedback on how to improve the quality and tone of your writings. Based on the student’s unique backgrounds and interest, we help in narrating a story that is tailor made to highlight their achievements.

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How can we be useful in your Journey ?

Our document preparation services include the following:

Writing Assistance

Our document experts will sharpen and improve your language and writing skills to help you create the best application documents. We provide you with the necessary resources and guidance regarding the acceptable university standards for documents.

Essay Preparation

Most universities require their own specific statement of purpose or application essays which is one of the most crucial aspects of your application form. Our Document Editors will assist you in crafting an essay that highlights all the crucial aspects of your background to make a strong application in front of the admissions committee.

LORs & SOPs Assistance

Apart from your essays, most abroad schools require a minimum of three well drafter letters of recommendation that helps validate our profile in front of the admissions committee. Our application experts will also help you in suggesting the best content for your letter of recommendations based on the requirements of the school and the applying program.

The application documents are a crucial aspect of a student’s profile during their application to universities abroad. With the help of the experienced faculty at AGSD, we ensure all our students receive the best assistance to showcase your backgrounds, achievements and help you impress the admissions committee.

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