USA Student Visa

What is USA student VISA & types?

For more than a decade now, the USA has been ranked as the top choice by the students for studying abroad. The country’s prime educational institutions have been attracting students from all around the world. Students planning to study in the country must have an acceptance letter from one of the universities in the country and persuade the USA government to grant them a student visa.

The country has a global acceptance rate of 85% for student visas. There are three types of Student Visas: F or or J category, depending upon the class of education the learner wishes to undertake. The 3 categories of visas are:

To Enter the United States to Attend: Following Visa Category
University or College F
High School
Private Elementary School
Another Academic Institution, Including a Language Training Program
Vocational or other Recognized Non-academic Institution other than a Language Training Program M
Student Exchange Visitor Programs J

Document Required for the USA Student VISA

Admissions standards differ from one university to the next, and even from one program to the next in the United States. If a student wants to study in the country, they must begin the process of obtaining a student visa well before the 4 to 5 months term begins. A student must gather and prepare the following documents before starting their Visa application:
  • A Valid Passport (with a validity date of at least six months beyond the student's period of stay in the US)
  • Any old passports a student holds
  • Two recent color photographs of the student, one physical, one digital (Photographs must meet USA Immigration's Image Requirement)
  • Receipt and Confirmation page of DS-160 (for a Nonimmigrant student)
  • Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant student (Form I -20)
  • Receipt from payment of application fees for SEVIS
  • Documents proving a student's financial situation or financial support during their studies.
  • Transcripts, test-scores, qualifications, and student’s old certificates from the schools attended in the past)
  • Additional Requirements (if asked by the University student is accepted in)


As per the recent guidelines issued by the USA government on 8th November 2021, noncitizens are required to submit their vaccination certificates before arriving in US. Air Travellers are required to submit their negative pre-flight COVID test reports.

Cost of the USA Student VISA

The application fee for the most common nonimmigrant visa types in the United States is $160. It is inclusive of tourist, business, student, and exchange  visas.

USA Student VISA Process

The process of applying for a student visa can be cumbersome. When applying for a student visa, there are various processes that must be followed, which may alter from time to time. The current steps for a student visa by indian students are as follows:

  • Step 1: Complete Online Visa Application (Form DS-160)

    • Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application: Complete the online visa application and print the application confirmation page for visa interview.
    • Photograph: Upload photograph at the DS-160 form as mentioned in the Photograph Requirements

  • Step 2: Schedule an Interview

    For most applicants looking for a visa, interviews are necessary in most cases. However, there are few exception cases, as listed below. The learner needs to schedule their interview at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in the country where they live.  Because interview wait times vary by location, season, and visa category, students should apply for their visas as soon as possible.

    Applicant’s Age Interview Requirement
    13 and Younger Generally Not Required
    14 to 79 Required 
    80 and Older Generally Not Required

  • Step 3: Prepare for your Interview

    The student must pay the Non-refundable Visa Application Fee  before the interview. If a student's visa is approved, they may be required to pay a visa issuance fee.

  • Step 4: Documents Required for Interview

    • Valid Passport
    • Nonimmigrant Visa Application (Form DS-160) Confirmation Barcode Printout
    • Original Application Fee Payment Receipt
    • Photo - According to the format explained in the Photo Requirement
    • Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant (F-1) Student Status-For Academic and Language Students, Form I-20 or Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant (M-1) Student StatUSA for Vocational Students, Form I-20
    • Copy of Interview Appointment Letter
    • SEVIS Fee Receipt
    • Birth Certificate

  • Step 5: The Visa Interview

    An interview with a consular officer will assess whether the applicant is eligible for a student visa. To be granted a student visa, the applicant must meet the legal requirements of the United States. As part of the application procedure, digital fingerprint scans are taken during the interview. After the interview, the consular officer will determine whether or not an additional administrative procedure is required. Important tips Crack Visa Interview:

    • Practice English: The interview will be conducted in English by the interviewer. As a result, the applicant must be fluent in English. The words spoken should be clear and portray confidence.
    • Visa Interview Questions:The interviewer's questions will focUSA on the applicant's academic qualifications, their chosen college or university in the US, how they are financing their education, familial obligations, and their future career prospects.
    • Essential Documents: The applicant should file and catalog the documents the counselor may ask them to present during their interview. The said documents can be I20, passport, academic transcripts, financial documents.
    • Positive Attitude: Be concise and Do Not Argue with the counselor. Remain calm, maintain a positive attitude, and reach the interview before the scheduled time to give yourself a chance to get a layout of the process.

  • Step 6: Visa Processing Time

    A USA visa application takes 3 to 5 weeks to be processed. After the processing is complete, the applicant may receive a positive response based on their application, that will be delivered by the consulate. The visa can take up to two additional working days to arrive.

  • Step 7: Visa Approval

    Following the approval of the visa, the applicant might have to pay a visa issuance fee (if applicable) and make arrangements for the return of their passport and visa. To understand more, look into the visa processing times.

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