Make the journey of moving overseas A hassle and stress free process

Travel Assistance

Over 98 % of students who study abroad better understand their cultural values because of this experience. But moving abroad can be a daunting process with students experiencing second thoughts. Without proper guidance, these second thoughts can soon turn into reality. 

What all preparations do I need to make before the flight?

It is imperative that students master all aspects of their checklist before boarding the plane, such as familiarizing themselves with the culture of the country, purchasing foreign exchange, obtaining insurance, booking air tickets, confirming luggage allowances, and making sure they have all the necessary electronics, books, materials and more.

What do we do at AGSD?

Our services don’t end with students obtaining admission to their chosen university, but we also assist students in preparing for a new nation and a new experience. Our professionals conduct pre-departure workshops that assist the candidates in safe, cost-effective, and hassle-free flight booking. We make certain to provide the student with a checklist of all the final documentation they might need as they start their new journey.

  • Help you familiarize yourself with your new home
  • Create a comprehensive checklist 
  • The easy hassle-free flight booking experience
But still, the question is

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How can we be useful in your journey?

To ease our students' concerns we will be conducting Pre-departure Sessions. By engaging in in-depth discussions, students are able to familiarize themselves with the country, its people, its nuances, and their new surroundings. These skills will help students gain familiarity with the country they will call home for the next few years.

Discover the Country

Our experts will help students get accustomed to the country, its environment, culture, the basic habits for day-to-day activities. A brief history about the country, the jurisdiction, the currency used, policies on alcohol & drug use, gender issues, controversial topics, inappropriate material, racial/ colorism issues, etc. At AGSD we’ll also give you a campus tour also, to know your peers and where you’ll be living.

Pre-Departure Checklist

A thorough checklist of all the necessary documents the student may require at the time of departure and after landing in their new home, health insurance, university, educational, travel, and ID documents

Booking Air Tickets & Airport Assistance

As part of our support, we will book the students' plane tickets so that they can benefit from discounts. Additionally, will assist you with any luggage restrictions, obtaining foreign currency, and any vital paperwork the student may be asked to show at the immigration counter, among other things.

Post-Departure Services

AGSD will be with you for the whole duration of your course with our 24/7 hotline number. We’ll be assisting you in securing a FOREX and local sim card for managing your expenses and long-distance connectivity. So you will never feel alone.

AGSD is dedicated to assisting students in exploring alternatives to the restricted educational possibilities accessible to them. Our purpose as an organization is to provide students with a world of opportunities and to support them in their career journey.
Rather than letting the obstacles stand in the way of students, our team strives to create solutions and techniques that can help them overcome obstacles along the way. We don't leave our students' hands halfway, we walk with them from the initial stage to after they have enrolled in the university as well.

Today is your chance to overcome the ‘Fear Of Moving Out’ and begin your new journey.

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