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Connoisseur of Education

On April 18, 1988, ALLEN Career Institute was founded, ushering in a brand-new category of autonomous educational institutions pertinent to the field of coaching for arduous competitive tests. The Institute was named in honor of the late Shri Laxmi Narayan Maheshwari, the father of Shri Govind Maheshwari, Shri Rajesh Maheshwari, Shri Naveen Maheshwari, and Shri Brajesh Maheshwari. It believes that the main goal for true education is “Intellect combined with Character.”

A Pioneer Institution for Young Budding Genius

The story of ALLEN career institute begins with a heartfelt belief that the traditional approach of studying by having loads of competitive books around the study table, cutting aloof with the surroundings, and many more such ideas will worsen the case. Instead, a correct approach and strategy with the proper mix of planning, time management, and smart work is the key to qualify any competitive exam that a candidate aspires to crack.
ALLEN career institute has been shaping the lives of our magnificent country’s youth to become future doctors and engineers since its inception 34 years ago. At ALLEN, we focus on building a solid foundation of knowledge and concepts to ensure success and provide an excellent platform for preparing for competitive exams and board-level education. The core values of determination, honesty, authenticity, integrity, devotion, humanism, holistic learning, social ethics, and concern for society & environment are all closely interwoven into the fiber of our academic programs.
Our highly qualified and most experienced faculty members are dedicated and committed to students’ complete success and provide assistive surroundings to contribute to their social, cultural, academic, and overall development.

Our Commitments

To our STUDENTS: We impart value-based career education, abundant resources, and individual attention.

To the PARENTS: We are responsible for instilling ethical and responsible career leadership in the children.

To SOCIETY: We provide a lifelong connection to ethics and excellence in global leaders.

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