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Internship Assistance

Any experience where you use skills that you can transfer to your future career is an excellent addition to your profile. One such opportunity is an internship, which not only aids in developing professionalism but fosters self-growth. To meet this requirement, our team of professionals offers our students the best and most appropriate internship assistance depending on their fields of interest.

What do we do at AGSD?

Attending a research project or an internship in a field of your choice can help you build an exceptional profile while you are applying to the university of your dreams. At AGSD, we ensure that students are familiarized with the relevant university-level courses, subjects and research methods so that they have a clarity regarding their field of interest for an internship. Based on the input from our counselors and faculty, we provide all the available forums and avenues where exceptional internship opportunities can be availed by students of AGSD.

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How can we be useful in your journey?

Students will get updates on various national and international internships available throughout their academic calendar year, customized to their own programs and interests.

Internship Opportunities:

AGSD provides information on various universally recognized internship opportunities available for high school students throughout the year. These internships would help boost their experience and improve their profiles while applying to universities abroad.

Application Assistance:

Various institutes have their own selection criteria for internships that may include a statement of purpose or supplementary essays. Our experienced faculties at AGSD will guide you throughout the entire application process as well as help you create the necessary documents

Internship Guidance:

Based on the discussion with the students, our international counselors study the backgrounds and interests of our students to match them with an internship opportunity that is ideal for them. This enables the students to further gain experience and knowledge in a field of their interest as well as helps in improving their application to their dream universities abroad.

Each student has unique interests in their desired subject or field where they wish to gain experience. To strengthen their application and profile, the expert counselors of AGSD keep informing and updating students about important national and international opportunities throughout the year. From beginning the journey of selecting an internship, to finalizing necessary documents and essays, the team at AGSD stays connected with students and helps them finalize their internship choices.

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