A.S. Hornby Educational Trust Scholarship

In 1961, the A.S. Hornby Trust was established by A.S. Hornby, a distinguished English language specialist affectionately known as ‘the man who made dictionaries’. Today, the trust is committed to building capacity for English language teaching in low- and middle-income countries. 

Through its prestigious Master’s degree scholarships for teachers, the Trust offers a pathway for individuals with proven potential to elevate the field of English language teaching and learning. By nurturing talent and providing crucial support to those who are most committed, the Trust is helping to build a brighter future for students and educators around the world.

Benefits of the A.S. Hornby Scholarship

The scholarship covers all the following costs in the UK for a one-year Masters in TESOL at the University of Exeter: 

  • A Yearly Maintenance Payment of £15,000 Minimum – covers living expenses
  • 100% Tuition Fee Waiver
  • Return Air Tickets 
  • Visa Costs
  • Language Test Costs

A.S. Hornby Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

The University of Exeter offers up to ten (10) fully funded Hornby Scholarships for eligible students who meet the admission criteria for the MEd TESOL Programme starting in September. These scholarships will be given out by the scholarship committee to candidates with outstanding academic credentials and professional experience. 

Please note that this scholarship does not apply to PGCert or PGDip programmes. It is only for the MEd TESOL programme. To be eligible for the A.S. Hornby Educational Trust Scholarship, you must satisfy the following criteria:

  • You must reside and work in a country included in the OECD DAC list as low or middle-income.
  • You need to have at least three years of full-time TESOL teaching or related professional experience after your first degree.
  • You must hold an undergraduate degree (with grades equivalent to UK upper 2nd class honours or higher) or a relevant postgraduate degree.
  • To be considered for the scholarship, you must demonstrate an English language proficiency of at least IELTS 6.5, with no section score lower than 6.0, or an equivalent proficiency certificate recognized by the University of Exeter and UK Visas and Immigration.
  • Before you can apply for the Hornby Scholarship, you must first apply for the MEd TESOL program at the University of Exeter and obtain an Exeter student number. This number is required when submitting your application for the scholarship.

A.S. Hornby Scholarship Application Process

To submit your scholarship application, ensure you have your Exeter student number at hand. 

When you reach the second stage of the A.S. Hornby Scholarship application process, you will be required to upload your responses to a series of questions. These questions are designed to help the selection committee understand your background, experience, and motivations. Please keep in mind the following prompts and word limits:

  1. Describe your present and previous roles and responsibilities in no more than 300 words.
  2. Share any professional development initiatives you have taken to assist other teachers or ELT professionals in no more than 300 words.
  3. Describe the main difficulties you encounter in your teaching, as well as those that English language teachers in your nation, in no more than 300 words.
  4. Describe how enrolling in a UK Master’s programme could help you and other ELTs in your nation in no more than 300 words. Additionally, detail the role you could play in tackling the challenges you’ve identified.
  5. Give a brief description of your particular areas of interest in TESOL and justifications for your decisions in no more than 300 words.

Note: The application deadlines for this scholarship may vary by year. Make sure that you have checked the accurate deadline on the scholarship’s webpage on the University of Exeter’s website. For the academic year 2023–2024, the closing date is 12th April 2023. You will be made aware of the outcome no later than 5th July 2023.


Ultimately, the A.S. Hornby Educational Trust Scholarship is an incredible opportunity for English language teachers and professionals from developing countries to further their education and make a meaningful impact in their communities. The selection process is highly competitive, with limited scholarships available, so applicants must take extra care when preparing their applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What costs does the A.S. Hornby Scholarship cover?

The scholarship covers all costs in the UK, including a monthly stipend for accommodation and living expenses, tuition fees, return air tickets, visa fees, and language test costs.

Which country’s students are eligible for the trust scholarship?

You must be a resident of, and work in, a low or middle-income country as included in the OECD DAC list to be eligible for this scholarship.

How difficult is it to get the A.S. Hornby Educational Trust Scholarship?

Only 10 A.S. Hornby scholarships are awarded each year, so it is highly competitive. Applicants are encouraged to meet the University of Exeter's admission criteria and demonstrate exceptional academic and professional talent.

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