How to Get Admission to the Kaplan Higher Education Institute in India?

Are you an Indian student looking for pathways to Kalpan from India? Then you’ve come to the right place. Kaplan Higher Education offers a range of programs to international students, including those from India, allowing them to pursue higher education in various fields. In this article, we will guide you through the admission requirements and application process for Kaplan Higher Education, along with some FAQs to help you make the best decision.

Kaplan Higher Education Institute is a leading global education provider, offering various diploma, degree, and postgraduate business, Law, Accounting, Engineering, Hospitality, and tourism programs. 

With campuses in Australia, Europe, and Asia, Kaplan Higher Education Institute allows students to study and work in a multicultural and diverse environment.

Kaplan Higher Education Institute Admission Requirements for International Students

To be eligible for admission to Kaplan Higher Education, international students must meet the following requirements:

  1. Completed application form
  2. Certified copies of academic transcripts
  3. Proof of English proficiency (TOEFL or IELTS)
  4. Passport copy
  5. Visa eligibility assessment form

Programs Offered at Kaplan Higher Education

Kaplan Higher Education offers a range of programs to international students, including Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, Graduate Diplomas, and Professional Certificates. Some of the popular programs offered include:

  1. Bachelor of Business Administration
  2. Master of Business Administration
  3. Master of Science in Accounting and Finance
  4. Graduate Diploma in Business Administration
  5. Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing

Eligibility Requirements for Kaplan Higher Education

To be eligible for admission to Kaplan Higher Education, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Completed high school education for Bachelor’s programs
  • Completed Bachelor’s degree for Master’s programs
  • Relevant work experience for Professional Certificates

Requirements for Kaplan Higher Education

In addition to the eligibility requirements, students must also meet the following criteria:

  • English proficiency
  • Meeting the program-specific requirements
  • Submission of all required documents
  • Payment of application fees

The Application Process for Kaplan Higher Education

The application process for Kaplan Higher Education is simple and can be completed online. A detailed step-by-step guide is also provided on the college’s website. International students can apply for admission to Kaplan Higher Education Institute online by filling out the application form and submitting the required documents. 

The application process typically takes two to three weeks, and applicants can track the status of their application online. Here are the detailed steps for the application process for Kaplan Higher Education:

  1. Choose a course: Visit the Kaplan Higher Education website and browse the various methods available.
  2. Check the entry requirements: Make sure you meet the minimum entry requirements for the course you are interested in. This information can be found on the course page.
  3. Submit an online application: Fill out the form and attach all the required documents, including your academic transcripts and proof of English proficiency.
  4. Attend an interview: If your application is successful, you will be invited to attend an interview either in person or online.
  5. Accept the offer: If you are offered a place on the course, you must accept the request within the specified timeframe.
  6. Pay the fees: You will be required to pay the course fees before the start of the course.
  7. Apply for a student visa: If you are an international student, you must apply for a student visa to study in the country where your course is located.
  8. Attend orientation: Once you arrive on campus, you will attend an orientation session to get familiar with the campus and the course structure.

It is important to note that the application process may vary slightly depending on the course and location, so it is recommended to check the specific requirements on the Kaplan Higher Education website.

Kaplan Higher Education Deadlines

Kaplan Higher Education has rolling admissions, elucidating that applications are accepted yearly. However, applying six months before the class commencement date is recommended to secure your spot. The institute has three trimesters, whose deadlines are listed below:

  • Trimester 1: March
  • Trimester 2: July 
  • Trimester 3: November

Once the application is submitted, the selection process for Kaplan Higher Education   begins. The selection process may include an interview or assessment, a written test, or a review of your academic achievements. It varies based on the program you have applied to.

The selection process typically takes around four to six weeks, and applicants are notified of the outcome of their application via email.

Career Opportunities

Kaplan Higher Education Institute has a strong reputation for bestowing students with the skills and knowledge required to excel in their chosen field. The Institute has partnerships with various employers and organizations, providing students with opportunities for 

  • Internships
  • Work placements
  • Employment after graduation

Kaplan Higher Education Institute also offers career services to help students with job placement, career counselling, and networking opportunities. Here are some potential career opportunities that graduates of Kaplan Higher Education Institute may pursue:

  1. Business development executive
  2. Human resource manager
  3. Marketing Specialist
  4. Financial analyst
  5. Operations Manager
  6. Project manager
  7. Customer service manager
  8. Sales representative
  9. Event planner
  10. Public relations specialist
  11. Logistics Coordinator

International Students

Kaplan Higher Education has a diverse student community, with students from over 100 countries. They provide a supportive environment for international students, including assistance with visas, accommodations, orientation programs, language support, and cultural integration.

The Institute’s campus life offers a vibrant and diverse campus life with various clubs and societies for students to join. The campuses have modern facilities, including libraries, computer labs, and student lounges. It provides student accommodation options, including on-campus and off-campus housing.

While Kaplan Higher Education Institute does not disclose its acceptance rate publicly, it is notorious for its competitive acceptance rates, with admission based on academic achievements, work experience, and program-specific requirements. Albeit the support, going abroad can be daunting; hence, we are here to guide you!

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Kaplan Higher Education Ranking

Kaplan Higher Education Institute is a well-respected institution with a global reputation for academic excellence. The university ranks 70th in the QS World Ranking and 12th in the United Kingdom, according to the Shanghai Academic Ranking 2021. The university has high rankings for various courses in diverse subject areas.


Kaplan Higher Education Institute is an excellent option for Indian higher-education students. With a range of programs, a supportive environment, and career opportunities, it can provide the education and skills you need to succeed. Follow the guidelines provided in this article to complete your application successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the application fee for Kaplan Higher Education?

The application fee for Kaplan Higher Education varies based on the program you are applying to. Please check the website for specific program fees.

Can I apply for a scholarship at Kaplan Higher Education?

Yes, Kaplan Higher Education offers scholarships to eligible students. Please check the website for specific scholarship opportunities.

How long does it take to hear from Kaplan Higher Education after applying?

The admissions council will notify the university of your application status within a few weeks of completing the application process.

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