McGill Merit-Based Entrance Scholarships

McGill University provides merit-based entrance scholarships for high school and College of General and Professional Teaching students enrolling in a full-time undergraduate degree program. These scholarships are based on academic excellence and are noted on the student’s McGill transcript. This article provides valuable information on the Mcgill Entrance Scholarship, making it more accessible for international students, including those from India.

McGill Merit-Based Entrance Scholarships for International Students

There are two types of entrance scholarships available:

  1. One-year Entrance Scholarships, which are valued at $3,000 (non-renewable unless otherwise specified). All undergraduate degree applicants are automatically considered for this scholarship; no separate application is necessary.
  2. Major Entrance Scholarships, which are valued between $3,000 and $12,000 (renewable). These scholarships are awarded by selection committees and are based on academic achievement and exceptional leadership qualities. A separate application is required, and applicants are encouraged to apply before being admitted.


The following supporting documents are required for the scholarship application:

  • Two letters of recommendation: one from an academic source and one from an activity-related source. The letters should be typed on official letterhead stationery, signed, and converted to PDF. They must be submitted directly by the referees to
  • Signed statement: This should indicate the class size and rank if provided by your school. All documents should be provided on the school letterhead.
  • All applications must be submitted online via Minerva before midnight, Montreal time, on the specified deadline. If the deadline falls on a statutory holiday or weekend, the effective deadline will be the next business day.

If your school does not provide class rank or if it is mentioned on the academic transcripts, a separate statement is not required.

All transcripts, letters of recommendation, test scores (IELTS, TOEFL), diplomas, etc., will become the property of the university. McGill reserves the right to revoke admission, financial support (scholarships), and registration in case of any misrepresentation by the student.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for McGill University Scholarships, applicants need to fulfil the following eligibility criteria:

  • English language proficiency is mandatory.
  • Applicants from all countries across the globe can apply.
  • They must be enrolled in a full-time degree program at the University.
  • They should show evidence of financial need and indicate their intention to apply for government student aid and/or Indigenous Band Support Funding.
  • They must apply for and receive the highest amount of government student aid they are qualified for.
  • They must maintain satisfactory academic standing.

Application Process

Once a student has submitted their admission application, they will receive a confirmation email containing their McGill ID number and a PIN to access Minerva. To apply for the Major Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship, students should log into Minerva and navigate to the Applicant > Apply for Major Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship section.

In addition to the required information, students must also provide the following specific information:

  • A list of their school, community involvement, leadership potential or volunteer activities from the past three academic years, including athletic and artistic involvement.
  • An essay on either a contemporary or historical figure who has influenced or inspired them or a memorable event or experience that has given them a new perspective on life.
  • A one-page letter of recommendation written by themselves (in the third person).
  • The supporting documents required for the McGill Faculty Major Entrance Scholarship vary depending on the region and submission deadlines.

To apply for McGill University Scholarships, follow the steps below:

  • Be aware of the deadlines. Make sure you don’t miss any important dates by marking them on your calendar.
  • Choose the  undergraduate program you want to pursue. Confirm your eligibility. Most programs only require grades for admission. This step will help you understand the review process, admission prerequisites, and previous years’ entrance grades for your program. You can apply for up to two programs.
  • Prepare your application. Complete each step on the pre-application to-do list, which includes understanding the deadlines, preparing academic documents, and identifying supporting documents.
  • Submit your application. 
  • Apply for entrance scholarships. Don’t miss out on the chance to apply for entrance scholarships, bursaries, and other funding opportunities. The deadline is usually a week after your application deadline.
  • Submit documents and stay in touch. The university will contact you via email to let you know when you need to upload supporting documents. This step will help you follow your application status, prepare any necessary supporting documents, and submit them, including self-reporting your grades.

All international students, including those from India, can apply.

Selection Process

The selection committee at McGill University will review applications for the McGill Faculty Major Entrance Scholarship. Candidates will be chosen based on their 

  • scholarship application responses, 
  • academic records, 
  • letters of recommendation, 
  • certificates, and 
  • test scores. 

Finalists may be interviewed before the list of recipients is announced. Only the recipients will be informed via email to the address provided in their admission application, which will include an attached scholarship offer letter in PDF format. The letter is printed on McGill letterhead, signed, and can be used for official purposes.

  1. Applicants who are not selected for the McGill Faculty Major Entrance Scholarship will automatically be considered for a one-year scholarship.
  2. Recipients will not receive paper letters by mail.


The competition for Mcgill Entrance Scholarships is fierce, and with a high volume of applications received each year, gaining admission to the university can be challenging. As a result, applicants need to be well-prepared to face this challenge. It is highly recommended to thoroughly research the admission requirements and submit a strong application to increase the chances of acceptance. 

Meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission, as the university receives many qualified applicants. Therefore, it is essential to showcase your unique qualifications and strengths to stand out from the competition and secure financial aid.

This article provides valuable information on the Mcgill Entrance Scholarship, making it more accessible for Indian students. With this information, you can initiate the first step towards submitting your scholarship application, and we are ready to support you with the following steps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does McGill offer merit-based scholarships?

First-time university students enrolling in a full-time undergraduate degree program can apply for either the merit-based Entrance Scholarship Program or the need-based Entrance Bursary Program offered by McGill.

Does McGill give merit scholarships to international students?

Yes. McGill University welcomes applications for scholarships from international students from all over the world, including Canadian and American students.

How do I get a full scholarship to McGill?

To be eligible, students must be enrolled in a full-time degree program at the university and demonstrate financial need. Additionally, they must apply for and accept the maximum amount of government student aid for which they are eligible and maintain satisfactory academic standing.

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