The University of Adelaide Intake Process for Bachelor of Commerce

The University of Adelaide, founded in 1874, is one of Australia’s oldest universities and is open to all. It has four campuses, with the North Terrace campus being the main one, surrounded by the Art Gallery of South Australia and plenty of green spaces. The university has produced one-third of Australia’s Nobel laureates and 114 Rhodes scholars and has educated many successful professionals and politicians from South Australia.

The Bachelor of Commerce program at the University offers students the skills required to succeed in today’s dynamic organizations and to lead sustainable enterprises of the future. The program equips students with foundational knowledge in accounting, finance, economics, and commercial law. They can choose a major or double major in accounting, corporate finance, marketing, or two of them. The program also provides real-world capstone experiences. Additionally, students can access industry leaders and paid internships.

Admission Requirements for Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Adelaide

Bachelor of Commerce prerequisites at the University of Adelaide are as follows:

The required qualifications and conditions for admission include having passed the All India Senior Secondary Certificate (CBSE, New Delhi), Indian School Certificate (ISC), Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu State Board Examination, or Telangana State Board Examination. Additionally, applicants must have obtained 80% in their class 12th exams in their top three academic subjects, with the exclusion of non-academic and language subjects.

The University of Adelaide recognizes several English language tests, including

  • IELTS with a minimum overall score of 6.5 and minimum sub scores of 6 in Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing;
  • TOEFL with a minimum overall score of 79 and minimum sub scores of 13 in Reading and Listening, 18 in Speaking, and 21 in Writing;
  • Pearson with a minimum overall score of 58 and minimum sub scores of 50 in Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing; and
  • C1 Advanced with a minimum overall score of 176 and minimum sub scores of 169 in Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing.

Documents that are required for the University of Adelaide Bachelor of Commerce intake process include, PDF copies of,

  • Academic transcripts
  • Passing certificates
  • Official English test results
  • Passport and visa documentation
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Character requirements

The Application Process for a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Adelaide

The intake period is from February to July. To initiate the process of applying to the University of Adelaide, please follow these guidelines:

  • Firstly, you need to register on the university’s website. After that, carefully review its admission requirements. Additionally, it is essential to take note of the deadlines for submitting your application.
  • Once you have collected all the necessary information, you can apply directly on the university’s website by reaching out to one of their representatives. Alternatively, you may seek assistance from a representative or agent in your area to submit your application.
  • It is crucial to ensure that you provide all the required certified documents, transcripts, records, and certificates along with your application. You should also keep in touch with the university representative and check the website frequently for any updates.
  • Finally, the university will communicate the decision on your application to you or your agent via email. You will also need to pay the University of Adelaide application fee. Please note that Indian students must engage an agent in the admission process.

You can check the status of your application on the application portal.

Tips and Strategies for Intake Process for Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Adelaide

  • Submit your application as soon as possible to allow ample time for preparation and document organization.
  • Craft a well-written Statement of Purpose that effectively showcases how your past experiences and future goals align with the course you intend to apply for.
  • Develop a powerful Resume that highlights all relevant accomplishments and experiences.


Scholarships are provided by the university to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Additionally, potential and currently enrolled students have access to numerous other scholarships that are sponsored by industry and non-profit organizations.

There are many international, Australian government, and external scholarships offered by the university, like the  Global Citizens Scholarship and the Ashok Khurana Scholarship for Outstanding Indian Students. You can find more here.

Bachelor of Commerce Curriculum at the University of Adelaide

All students are required to begin their studies in the Bachelor of Commerce program and complete a shared first-year curriculum, which will provide them with the fundamental knowledge needed to pursue a career in commerce. The first-year curriculum will include essential courses in accounting, economics, marketing, management, and law.

During the second and third years, students will specialize in their chosen major by taking courses specifically related to their field of study. Additionally, students have the option to choose a minor in entrepreneurship to complement their major.

The University of Adelaide Bachelor of Commerce Selection Criteria

After the submission of online applications and application fees, the transcripts and documents submitted by the applicants are thoroughly reviewed, and selection decisions are made accordingly. You can expect to get the admissions result in 2-6 weeks.

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Having gained an understanding of Adelaide University’s  Bachelor of Commerce admission process, curriculum, and what it entails, you should now have a clear idea of how the university aligns with your career aspirations. If you are considering applying, we are here for guidance through each step of your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the University of Adelaide have a July intake?

The intake for the master’s program at the University of Adelaide starts in February and goes on until July.

What is the acceptance rate for Adelaide?

The acceptance rate for Adelaide is 75%.

How long is the Bachelor of Commerce in Australia?

The Bachelor of Commerce in Australia is 3 years long.

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