Top Colleges for MS Computer Science in Australia

In the era of tech-driven components, computer science has become a promising career for students across the globe. It has been estimated that 24,000 international students are now enrolled in Australia’s Computer Science and Mathematics programs. This shows that Australia has become an incredible destination for overseas education.

MS Computer Science

The post-graduate degree that offers the best career options is a master’s in computer science. The comprehensive program includes studies in the design and development of computer systems, intending to prepare students to become global leaders in the fields of computers and technology.

The IT industry is growing, and according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, 11% of job growth has been estimated in computer science and IT over the next decade. Therefore, the IT industry is going to witness amazing career growth shortly.

Master’s in Computer Science in Australia

According to the Times Higher Education and QS World University Rankings, the top 5 Australian universities that offer an MS in Computer Science are among the top 150 universities in the world for computer science programs.

Moreover, according to the Australian Computer Society (ACS), there will be an expansion in the demand for computer science graduates by 2024 due to the scarcity of such professionals in Australia.

This is a driving force for international students to pursue their MS in computer science in Australia. Moreover, the rich job prospects in the IT industry make Australia an attractive spot for students from India and other countries.

Job Prospects After MS in Computer Science from Australia

Graduates with a master’s in computer science have a lot of employment opportunities that are interesting and financially appealing due to the growing demand for computer science and IT professionals around the world.

It has been estimated that there will be greater demand for software programmers, with a projected 80,000 job opportunities over the next 5 years. These lucrative job positions range across a variety of tech-related fields. The fields to be considered include;

  • Systems and security engineering
  • Network design, management, and engineering
  • Telecommunications
  • Software and hardware management
  • Data communications
  • Wireless networks.

A computer science graduate in Australia has a variety of career options, including;

  • Software Developers and Engineers,
  • Digital Policy Advisors,
  • Developers, Systems and Cybersecurity Analysts,
  • Data Scientists and Analysts,
  • Hardware Engineers,
  • Project Managers, Analysts, Administrators, Programmers,
  • Internet Consultants,
  • Multimedia/Web Designers

The average salary for a computer science graduate in Australia is $108,896 per year. The entry-level positions start at $91,437 per year, while the highly experienced workers make up to $144, 042 per year.

Best Colleges for MS Computer Science in Australia

The universities of Australia rank among the top-notch colleges for MS Computer Science in the world. If you aspire to become a tech expert, then you must grab an opportunity by pursuing your degree course from one of the top institutions in Australia.

Here are some of the best colleges for MS Computer Science in Australia;

  1. University of Melbourne
  • Established in 1853, the University of Melbourne is a public research university located in Melbourne, Australia.
  • The Times Higher Education ranked the University of Melbourne first in Australia and #34 globally in 2023, while the Academic Ranking of World Universities places it #35 in the world.
  • It offers a total of 684 courses across 89 subject areas ranging from short courses, undergraduate courses, graduate courses, and graduate research courses.
  1. Australian National University
  • Established in 1946, Australian National University is a public research university located in Canberra, the capital of Australia.
  • ANU is ranked as the top university in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere by the 2022 QS World University Rankings and #2 in Australia in the Times Higher Education ranking.
  • It offers 390+ majors and minors courses as its undergraduate and graduate programs.
  1. University of Technology, Sydney
  • The University of Technology Sydney is a public research university located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Although its origins are said to trace back to the 1830s, the university was founded in its current form in 1988 The university is said to be regarded as one of the world’s leading young universities.
  • With 11 areas of the program, the university offers over 200 degrees.
  • The University of Technology is ranked #112 in Best Global Universities and #15 in Best Global Universities for Computer Science in Australia/ New Zealand
  1. University of Adelaide
  • Established in 1874, the university of Adelaide is a public research institution located in Adelaide, South Australia. It is the third oldest institution in Australia.
  • The university offers more than 400 undergraduate and graduate programs with an opportunity to give their students careers and lives that extra edge over others.
  • The University of Adelaide is ranked #74 in Best Global Universities and #7 in Best Global Universities in Australia/ New Zealand.

Requirements for MS Computer Science for International Students in Australia

Both domestic and foreign students must meet certain eligibility requirements. International students must fulfil the following selection criteria to be considered for the program at Australian University;

  • A minimum of 15 years of education is required, with a 10+2+3 breakdown.
  • A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Science, Mathematics, or a comparable discipline (three to four years) is required.
  • Work experience in a related field would be advantageous (recommended).
  • Proof of fluency in the English language.

Application Process for MS Computer Science in Australia

Australia’s renowned universities generally accept students’ application forms twice a year, in February and July.

To make sure that the Australian visa application process gets completed in time and the acceptance to the program at the preferred semester can be done with sufficient time in hand, it is suggested to submit applications well in advance of the stipulated time.

Following are the methods to follow for prospective international students to apply to universities in Australia for a master’s degree in Computer Science.

  • Firstly, it is important to complete the online application on the University’s official application portal as soon as possible before the deadlines are announced.
  • Student visa agents and representatives from the corresponding university will assist you with the preparation and submission of your application to study, as well as with the application for your student visa.


Australia is a well-known spot for overseas education in computer science among students. As per the data for 2021, over 43 top universities in Australia offer MS in computer science to international students. This makes Australia an attractive place for students interested in Computer Science, as it provides a chance to grab global career opportunities wholeheartedly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much can one earn with a master's in computer science in Australia?

Post completion of an MS in computer science in Australia, one can earn anywhere from 60,000 AUD to 120,000 AUD (33 lakhs to 66 lakhs INR) per year.

Is computer science in demand in Australia?

Yes, it’s easy to get a job in Australia if you are a computer science graduate. The IT industry is booming, and big employers can train you the way they want and prepare you for the future.

What is the highest-paying computer science job in Australia?

The highest-paying tech jobs in Australia in 2022–2023 are Cyber Security Architect and Cloud Architect.

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