Top Colleges for MS Computer Science in the UK 

In the era of tech-driven components, computer science has become a promising career for students across the globe. It has been estimated that thousands of international students, including those from India, graduate each year from the MSc Computer, Master of Philosophy (MPhil), and Master of Engineering (MEng) degree programs in the UK. Being one of the top 10 highest-paying professions in the UK, Computer Science is in demand among students worldwide.

MS Computer Science

The exhaustive program of MSc Computer Science includes studies in the design and development of computer systems, intending to prepare students to become global leaders in the fields of computers and technology.

The IT industry is growing, and according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, 11% of job growth has been estimated in computer science and IT over the next decade. Therefore, the IT industry is going to witness amazing career growth shortly. 

Master’s in Computer Science in the UK 

According to the Times Higher Education 2022, three universities in the UK rank within the top 10 popular universities in the world that offer Computer Science programs.

This is a driving force for international students to pursue their MS in computer science in the UK. Moreover, the rich job prospects in the IT industry make the UK an attractive spot for students from India and other countries.

Job Prospects After MS in Computer Science from the UK 

Graduates with a master’s in computer science have healthy job prospects in the UK that are both interesting and financially appealing (the average salary for Indian students is 35 lakhs INR) due to the growing demand for computer science and IT professionals around the world. 

These lucrative job positions range across a variety of tech-related jobs. The jobs that these graduates can consider are;

  1. Software Engineer
  2. Network Engineer
  3. JAVA developer 
  4. Web Developer 
  5. IT Manager 
  6. System Analyst 

Best Colleges for MS Computer Science in the UK 

The universities of the UK rank among the top-notch colleges for MS Computer Science in the world. If you aspire to become a tech wizard, you must grab an opportunity by pursuing your degree course from one of the top institutions in the UK.

Here are some of the top-ranked MS Computer Science colleges in the UK;

  • University of Cambridge
  • Imperial College London
  • University of Oxford
  • University of Edinburgh
  • University of Warwick 

Requirements for MS Computer Science for International Students in the UK 

The requirements for international students to apply for an MS in Computer Science program in the UK are generally similar to those for domestic students. However, there may be additional requirements related to English language proficiency and visa requirements.

International students must fulfil the following selection criteria for the MS Computer Science program at the University in the UK;

  • Most universities in the UK require a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field, with a minimum GPA of 8.0/10 or higher or a minimum overall grade of 60%.
  • Work experience in a related field would be advantageous (recommended).
  • English Language Proficiency Test Scorecard-

The required minimum scores vary by university but are generally 7.0 or higher for IELTS and 110 or higher for TOEFL.

  • Personal Statement-

Applicants are usually required to submit a personal statement outlining their academic and professional background, their inclination for applying to the program, and their career aspirations.

  • Letters of Recommendation

Applicants are required to submit at least 2-3 academic or professional references.

  • CV

Application Process for MS Computer Science in the UK 

As an international student, to get admission to the UK universities offering a master’s in computer science, one must apply as soon as the program rolls out the admission dates (sometime in September), which is true for most UK universities. In the application process  for an MS Computer Science program in the UK, these steps must be followed;

  • Research the universities that offer MS Computer Science Programs in the UK.
  • Check the admission requirements as mentioned above.
  • Later, it is required to submit supporting documents such as test scores, CV, transcripts etc.
  • Finally, apply for the program through the university’s website portal.
  • If the offer letter is received, it is required to accept the offer letter and apply for a student VISA.


Pursuing a Master’s in Computer Science in the UK is very fruitful for international students, particularly Indian students, as after completing a Master’s in Computer Science in the UK, the graduates can work in companies like Capgemini, JP Morgan Chase & Co., BT Group, Barclays Bank  PLC, and IBM Corp. This makes the UK an attractive place for students interested in Computer Science, as it provides a chance to grab global career opportunities.

If you, too, are interested in this course but do not know how to start, don’t worry. We are here to guide you religiously and help you unfold the multiple opportunities coming your way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the UK good for a Master's in Computer Science?

Yes, the UK is an excellent choice for a master's in Computer Science, and some of the best universities are available in the country.

What is the average salary in the UK after a master's in computer science?

The national average salary for an MSC in Computer Science is £49,271 in the United Kingdom, as per salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor.

Do Indian students get jobs in the UK after MS?

Yes, they will have to apply for a visa extension if they wish to stay and work in the UK after they finish their program.

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