University of Pennsylvania Intake Process for Bachelor of Science in Marketing with Specialization in Digital Marketing

The University of Pennsylvania’s Bachelor of Science in Marketing program has long been recognized as one of the top undergraduate marketing programs in the nation. This course offers students an opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding and hands-on learning experience within the field. 

As a result, it’s no surprise that this prestigious programmed attracts a large number of highly motivated college candidates looking for a rewarding career path each year. So, are you considering applying for UPenn’s BSc in Marketing Program? Look no further! In this article, we provide you with a detailed guide on what to expect from the application process!


UPenn Bachelor of Science in Marketing Admission Requirements

Here are the requirements you need to follow to understand how to apply for the UPenn Marketing program:

  • To complete the application process, please provide your official mid-year and final high school transcripts along with a secondary school report.
  • GPA of 3.0/4 (85%)
  • My English language proficiency scores are as follows: TOEFL – 100 (Internet-Based Test) | 250 (Computer Based Test) | 600 Paper-Based Test; IELTS 7.0
  • You will need to submit an essay, a letter of recommendation from someone who can attest to your academic achievements and two academic teacher evaluations.

About the Course: Bachelor of Science in Marketing With a Specialization in Digital Marketing

This Marketing Bachelor’s Program provides students with the perfect foundation for beginning a successful career in the field of marketing. This course is designed to give students access to the latest and most up-to-date methods used in digital marketing and prepare them to become industry experts and innovators. Students learn not only core fundamentals but also how to use ever-changing digital tools and trends. 

Also, the UPenn Bachelor of Science in Marketing application deadline is set for May 1,  2023. Moreover, through this course, you can empower yourself with the knowledge that will give you the ability to take control over manipulating markets, understanding customer behavior, predicting market changes, and creating effective strategic campaigns. All these tools will open doors to many opportunities within the growing digital media world.

Job Prospects With a UPenn Marketing Degree

Graduates of UPenn’s Marketing degree program can be sure they’ll have plenty of job prospects available to them. After all, a marketing degree from such a prestigious university is sure to impress potential future employers, as UPenn admissions are tough.

According to recent studies, employers are increasingly looking for marketing majors that are not only creative and organized but also skilled in analysis – and the digital marketing research opportunities at UPenn are particularly adept at aiding students in developing those skills. 

This course deep dives into the fundamentals of advertising and provides students access to a broad range of resources to give them additional industry experience. That experience makes UPenn graduates highly sought after in the modern job market and equips them with the skills needed to design innovative marketing campaigns. 


Tips for Applying to the University of Pennsylvania’s Marketing Program 

Here are some tips to get into the top universities:

  • The University of Pennsylvania may not require an SAT or ACT score, however, if you’re looking to bolster your application then it’s recommended that you take one of these tests. Not only do the scores attest to your academic capabilities and capacity for college-level coursework, but excellent scores will also demonstrate mastery over the subject material.
  • UPenn graciously offers nearly all applicants the chance to get a feel for what their program has to offer in an informal, relaxed setting: the alumni volunteer interview. Don’t worry if you’re not offered one—it won’t hurt your chances of successful admission. It’s more like a cozy chat than cross-examination; take this opportunity as an invitation from Penn themselves to find out what makes them so special and how they can benefit you as well.
  • Though it may seem like a great idea to submit additional materials or letters of recommendation, don’t be tempted down this road too much- the University of Pennsylvania advises applicants to “keep it simple!” So with balance and discretion in mind – show off your talents but do not overdo it.
  • Showcase your unique qualities and talents through the University of Pennsylvania’s supplemental essays. It is a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate why you’re an exceptional candidate for Wharton in the Digital Marketing Degree Program
  • Start by researching relevant courses, concentrations, or other experiences that fuel your passions and align with what you want out of them. After all, the UPenn Marketing program ranking is in the top 1% for students. It’s also ranked second in College Factual’s most recent rankings.


If you have a keen interest in the marketing field, specifically digital marketing, then it’s time to decide. The University of Pennsylvania offers an immersive Bachelor of Science in Marketing course that will prepare you for the professional world. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does UPenn have a marketing program?

Yes, the University of Pennsylvania offers several marketing programs for students to choose from and the most popular one is the bachelor of science in marketing with a specialization in digital marketing.

What major is UPenn known for?

UPenn offers a wide range of disciplines to choose from, and the University of Pennsylvania's acclaimed selection offers something for everyone. Popular majors among students include business, management, marketing, and related support services. Take your pick—you are bound to find something that will spark your curiosity.

How hard is it to get into UPenn?

With an acceptance rate of under 8%, the University of Pennsylvania stands out as one of the most selective universities in America. Even more impressive is that for their class of 2025, they only admitted 6% of applicants—a decrease from previous years, even with a 36% increase in applications! UPenn's admission process for a marketing bachelor's degree isn't just challenging; it has become increasingly competitive over time.

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