The University of Waterloo International Master’s Award of Excellence

The University of Waterloo, one of Canada’s top public universities. It has consistently earned the distinction of being Canada’s leading comprehensive research university. The university’s reputation for excellence and innovation on the international level draws talented and visionary graduate students and researchers.

In terms of career achievements, the QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2022 rank the University of Waterloo at No. 2 in Canada. Additionally, among the numerous universities in Canada, the University of Waterloo is a primary destination for Google’s recruitment efforts.

Starting with the spring 2019 admissions cycle, the University of Waterloo grants the International Master’s Award of Excellence to eligible international students, including those from India, enrolled in a research-based graduate program. This award is valued at $2,500 per term, with a maximum of five full-time terms within the program’s allowable time limits (i.e., six terms). 

Nominations for this award are made by the faculties based on their respective award allocations, and recipients are selected based on their academic merit, as demonstrated through their admission application to the graduate program.

Eligibility Criteria for International Master’s Award of Excellence

The International Master’s Award of Excellence is available to full-time international students who are paying tuition fees and enrolled in research-based graduate programs, such as a thesis or major research papers. The award is typically granted to students during their first term (term 1.0), subject to meeting the faculty’s academic excellence criteria and maintaining satisfactory academic progress without any outstanding probationary admission requirements.

Students may still receive other internal or external scholarships in addition to the International Master’s Award of Excellence (IMAE). However, students are usually not eligible for a concurrent foreign government or agency sponsorship or to be fully or partially self-funded above the faculty minimum support levels.

Students who have previously received an International Master’s Scholarship for a completed master’s degree are eligible for the IMAE, while those grandfathered under the previous IMSA program are not.

The eligibility requirements for the University of Waterloo Master’s Scholarship for non-Canadian students consist of the following:

  • Full-time registration and payment of international tuition fees for international students with a valid Canadian study permit.
  • Typically awarded to students enrolled in research-based programs, such as those involving a thesis or major research paper.
  • Generally reserved for students starting their program in the first term (term 1.0).
  • Students are expected to meet the academic excellence standards established by the Faculty.
  • Students must maintain satisfactory academic progress throughout their program and fulfil any probationary admission requirements.

Application Process for Waterloo Graduate Scholarship

If students meet the necessary criteria upon admission, they are automatically considered eligible for the master’s scholarship without needing to submit a separate application.

To apply for graduate studies at the University of Waterloo

  • Choose the graduate program you want to apply to
  • Check eligibility requirements
  • Check document requirements
  • Apply to the program.

Students are automatically considered for the IMAE based on their admission application. The selection of recipients is determined by each faculty’s internal process, as long as the eligibility criteria and allocation are met. If necessary, faculties may impose stricter eligibility standards.

The University of Waterloo’s Master’s Scholarship Application Deadline depends on the master’s program you are applying to. Generally, most graduate programs commence in September, and the application deadline lies between January and February. To keep an eye on the deadline, visit here.

The University of Waterloo International Master’s Award of Excellence for International Students

Students must meet the faculty’s academic excellence standards, their program’s academic progress requirements, and not have any outstanding probationary admission requirements. This award can be combined with other internal or external scholarships, such as the UW Graduate Scholarship, OGS, QEII-GSST, and MITACS. 

Generally, students should not be concurrently receiving sponsorship from foreign governments or agencies or be fully or partially self-funded beyond the minimum support levels provided by the faculty. This scholarship cannot be held together with the International Master’s Award of Excellence from Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs.

  • International Master’s Award of Excellence for Master’s students in mathematics at Waterloo

This scholarship is offered to international students registered in a full-time graduate program in the Faculty of Mathematics at Waterloo University. Students who previously received this award for another master’s program in the Faculty of Mathematics are not eligible.

  • Waterloo Graduate Scholarship for Master’s students in engineering

Graduate research studentships are awarded to exceptionally qualified full-time thesis students pursuing a Master of Applied Science (MASc) or a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). The receipt of funding is subject to maintaining satisfactory academic progress and achievements.

  • Waterloo Graduate Scholarship for computer science students

Graduate students at the School of Computer Science and associated organizations have access to several scholarships to assist them in financing their studies. Scholarships are available locally, provincially, and nationally and are open to both domestic and international students. 

To be eligible, students must have strong academic records, and the scholarship values may differ. Some scholarships may require a formal application process. However, funding is not available for students enrolled in the Master of Mathematics coursework option.

  • Waterloo Graduate Scholarship for Master’s students in health sciences

The School of Public Health Sciences offers an array of financial aid options, including scholarships, assistantships, and other forms of funding, for graduate students. These awards are primarily intended for full-time students pursuing research-based degrees.


This article has outlined the available scholarships offered by the University of Waterloo Master’s Scholarship for non-Canadian students. These scholarships are limited in number and highly competitive, but the benefits are significant. We have provided all the necessary information to make the application process easier, and with this knowledge, you have already taken the first step toward applying. We are available to assist you with the remaining steps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the University of Waterloo Graduate Travel Award?

Graduate students at the University of Waterloo who engage in academic exchange, study abroad programs relevant to their research or academic needs, or work and volunteer opportunities in foreign countries are eligible to receive funding from the International Experience Award.

Is Waterloo expensive for international students?

If we take into account the cost of living for international students at the University of Waterloo, it is estimated to be approximately $3,000 on average.

What is the Award of Excellence in Graduate Supervision at Waterloo?

The Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs (GSPA), in partnership with the Graduate Student Association (GSA), has created an award to acknowledge exceptional faculty members who have exhibited outstanding graduate student supervision by serving as mentors, advisors, and role models.

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