What Are the Most Demanded Jobs in Canada?

Canada is one of the best places that not only gives study opportunities to students but also offers post-work and immigration opportunities. Thousands of people from all across the globe are offered work visas for employment opportunities in Canada. Additionally, being a developing economy Canada offers and guarantees excellent life quality, job security, stability, personal and professional growth, and justified pay scales, which entices people to apply for Canadian Job positions. 

The shortage of qualified professionals in Canada is the biggest reason why Canada willingly accepts immigrants for jobs. The most in-demand full-time jobs in Canada for recent graduates are offered in healthcare, pharma, building & construction, accounting firms, management firms, software developing companies, and many more.  For an international worker to work in Canada, he/she needs a temporary work permit initially, thereafter may apply for a Canadian permanent residency visa to continue further. 

So if you are willing to pursue your professional career in Canada, going through this article will be helpful. This article explores popular jobs in Canada, the industries hiring the most full-time employees, their qualifications, skills sought after for full-time positions, and long-term career prospects for the most in-demand full-time jobs in Canada.

What Industries Are Hiring the Most Full-Time Employees in Canada?

The industrial sectors that have demonstrated high demand for full-time employees in Canada include Hospitals (healthcare industry), grocery stores and supermarkets, fast-food restaurant chains, IT consulting, commercial banking, and engineering and web services. 

What Are the Top-Paying Full-Time Jobs in Canada?

Canada offers a warm and ambient work environment to professionals and employees having the required degrees and certifications. Following are a few of the in-demand jobs in Canada for Indians and their respective average annual salaries: 

  • Physicians and Doctors (Cardiologists, Surgeons, Radiologists, etc.): USD 300,000 per annum
  • Computer Science & IT professionals (Web Developers, Software Architects, etc.): USD 87,915 per annum
  • Lawyers and Advocates (USD 97,744 per annum)
  • Architects (USD 94,153 per annum)
  • Banking Sector (Entry level positions- USD 39,428 per annum and experienced positions- USD 64,418 per annum).

What Are the Fastest-Growing Full-Time Jobs in Canada?

Canada offers numerous opportunities to professionals from all over the world, stable job opportunities with high pay scales. Henceforth are mentioned a few popular jobs, along with the qualifications required for high-demand full-time jobs in Canada:

Registered Nurse: Canada is known to have a considerable geriatric population, owing to which its demand for healthcare facilities is significant. Registered nurses are healthcare professionals capable of providing specialized nursing interventions, administering medications, and may assist with surgical procedures. A bachelor’s degree in nursing and a valid license earned from the National Council of State Board of Nursing, (through the NCLEX exam) is mandatory for them to be employed in Canadian hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, private firms, etc.

Software Developer:  Software Programming is a highly demanded profession in Canada, owing to the emergence and progression of digital technologies. The major job responsibilities of a software developer include designing, writing and testing codes for new software programs to be applied to various sectors such as video game development companies and IT-consulting firms. A degree and technical expertise in Computer Sciences and allied disciplines are a must to obtain a job in Canada.

Accountants:  Microeconomics, Financial Management, and Corporate Finance are a few of the sectors where the services of a well-qualified Accountant are necessarily required. Being one of the most highly-paid professions in Canada, the job description of an Accountant includes monitoring an organization’s financial data. With this job profile, professionals can land good job opportunities in banks, financial firms, and government organizations. 

A university degree with completion of a professional course recognized by the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICT, Canada) along with a minimum of 30 months of on-the-job training in ICT, is a prerequisite for having an accountant job in Canada.

Business Development Manager: A business flourishes well only when it is governed by the right kind of employees. A business development officer, also termed a Human resource officer, is responsible for identifying suitable skill sets and knowledge persons to ensure the efficient working of an organization. A bachelor’s degree in business administration or allied disciplines, along with a certification as an economic developer and/or Marketing Research Professional is desirable.

What Skills Are Most Sought After by Employers for Full-Time Jobs in Canada?

Recruiters in Canada are searching for skilled workers with the required academic qualifications and desirable technical attributes and experience. A few of the soft skills, in addition to the technical know-how, that are profession-specific, for full-time jobs in Canada are as follows:

  • Good Interpersonal Communication: Exemplary communication skills in terms of listening, public speaking, and writing are highly preferred by recruiters of most full-time professions in Canada. Being able to clearly express yourself to others is an extremely important attribute in any profession.
  • Critical Thinking: Being able to identify, analyze and resolve challenges in any profession, within a short time, is of utmost importance. Flexibility, out-of-the-box thinking, and decision-making ability are also integral parts of critical thinking.
  • Good Work Ethics: Employees having good work ethics such as time management, reliability, multi-tasking ability, and perseverance are preferred in any work culture over others. Success is guaranteed to professionals who are completely motivated and dedicated to the responsibilities and roles assigned to them.
  • Affirmative Attitude: Positive attitude towards work such as uplifting enthusiasm, taking up challenges, and having the zeal to solve issues in teams are highly valued for any full-time position in Canada.

What Are the Long-Term Career Prospects for the Most In-Demand Full-Time Jobs in Canada?

The most highly demanded job professions that exist in Canada are the healthcare sector, banking sector, software development, finance and management, and business sector. Below are mentioned some of the long-term career prospects for top jobs in respective avenues:

Banking Sector: Numerous entry-level and experienced designations exist in the banking sector, such as mortgage officers, personal and professional bankers, commercial bankers, retail bankers, account managers, investment bankers, fraud analysts, operational officers, data analysts, etc. Banking is a career of significant importance that provides numerous high-paying jobs to worthy individuals in Canada.

Data Analysis Sector: Data analysis is a critical and significant component of banking and offers numerous job growth opportunities in this sector. Data analyst jobs are not only confined to the banks but also the healthcare industry, the pharma industry, the media and entertainment sector, the retail and wholesale sector, etc., with different roles and responsibilities.

Financial Sector: Financial analysts’ responsibilities include assisting organizations with effective financial planning and implementation, risk management, and investment management to reduce the complexity of the financial markets. Their role is diverse for different commercial sectors.

Healthcare Sector: Healthcare Industry is the fastest growing industry in Canada and requires a variety of professionals, from general physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, speech therapists and radiologists to highly-qualified surgeons. Depending on one’s qualifications and experience, the future job prospects and career growth in this sector are immense.


In conclusion, the high-rise economy and shortage of skilled workers have propelled an evolution in the job market and job prospects in Canada. The demand for skilled professionals in numerous fields is on the ever-rise, most of which are full-time positions such as those of nurses, healthcare professionals, architects, lawyers, business development officers, etc.

Most of these above-stated high-demand occupations are highly promising in terms of job security and fair pay and provide excellent future career and professional growth with a better standard of living. Thus, Canada is one of the most popular and reputed countries for exploring job opportunities after higher education.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which field has more job opportunities in Canada?

The Information Technology and Computer applications field is the highest-paying and most well-demanded profession in Canada.

Which degrees are most in demand in Canada?

Degrees in Public Health, Computer Science, Mechanical & Software Engineering and Law are highly valued in Canada in terms of employability.

How long can I work in Canada after MS?

One can apply for a post-graduation work permit from Canada after completing an MS degree within 180 days of degree completion.

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