Why is Human Resources Manager One of the Most Demanded Jobs in the UK?

The human resources industry is vast and significant, playing a critical role in many established companies and emerging startups. HR managers possess the remarkable ability to foster the growth and development of employees, which is essential for a company’s success. By promoting positivity, enhancing mental well-being in the workplace, and nurturing the potential of employees, HR managers are a valuable asset in high demand.

The role of the HR manager in the current job market in the UK includes the hiring and development of employees through training, incentives, and benefits, as well as evaluating their performance. Additionally, HR managers provide administrative services, mediate disputes, and communicate with staff at all levels.

Top Reasons Why HR Manager is in High Demand in the UK

How do HR Managers Contribute to Company Growth in the UK?

  • Skilled HR managers are vital to the corporate operation. The ability to find the right people for a company is crucial for its success, and companies everywhere need human resources managers.
  • HR has a growing specialization. HR professionals specialize in areas such as headhunting, recruitment, salaries, benefits, diversity, inclusivity, development, and learning. Specialization makes a company more competitive in a tight job market.
  • Competition is rising. HR jobs are growing each year, and companies are recruiting competent HR personnel with high skill and education levels.
  • Specific HR skills have more value. In-demand HR managers have problem-solving skills, systematic thinking, a strong inclination for business, and the ability to navigate ambiguity.
  • HR managers with a human touch work. Companies need HR managers who can keep company culture running smoothly, which requires a human touch and the ability to help keep the ship steady and loyal.
  • Companies need HR for leadership. HR managers have the opportunity to drive the direction of the company, recruit and develop talent, and position the company at the forefront.
  • Companies need the network of an HR manager. HR managers who can create a network of talent around them are in high demand, and their ability to influence people and make talent useful is highly valued.

Skills Required 

Key skills needed to become a successful HR Manager in the UK are

  • Problem-solving skills are crucial for HR professionals to handle various challenges that arise in a company.
  • The ability to make tough decisions is necessary because not everyone can be satisfied all the time.
  • Time management is important to priorities and organize multiple tasks.
  • Organizational skills help HR professionals to save time by keeping everything well-organized.
  • Communication skills are vital to interact effectively with different people in the company, including managers, employees, clients, and contractors.
  • A desire to learn and constantly build their skill set is necessary for HR professionals to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Strategic thinking is important for HR professionals to understand the company’s vision and goals.
  • Passion is the defining factor in showing how genuine your work ethic is.
  • Being data-driven helps HR professionals identify trends and measure the impact of business decisions.
  • Being technology-minded is essential for HR professionals to keep up with technological advancements and avoid being left behind by their competition.

HR Manager Certifications and Qualifications Required in the UK

  • Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees: To become an HR manager, you need to start by obtaining a degree in business, HR management or psychology. After completing your undergraduate degree, you can gain valuable skills and experience by working in an entry-level human resources position. Pursuing a postgraduate degree can also help you advance quickly into a managerial role.
  • Apprenticeship: Another way to begin a career in HR is through apprenticeship programs like the senior people professional degree apprenticeship or the HR consultant partner higher apprenticeship. Employers who offer HR apprenticeships will provide entry requirements and on-the-job training.
  • Certifications: In the UK, all HR professionals are certified by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). CIPD provides training for professionals at all levels, and awards certifications for the specialist skills that they acquire during the training.

HR Manager Salaries and Benefits in the UK

The average annual salary for a human resources manager in the United Kingdom is £42,500, which is based on 3457 reported salaries. This equates to an hourly rate of £21.79. Entry-level positions typically start at £36,309 per year, while the most experienced workers can earn up to £55,000 per year.

The management of human resources is crucial to the success of any organization, and HR professionals are instrumental in achieving this objective by recruiting the right talent and fostering a healthy workplace atmosphere. HR is a fast-growing and ever-evolving field that provides job security, higher remuneration, and opportunities for growth, making it an excellent career choice

HR is a promising career path with growth potential. As every organization requires an HR professional to handle various responsibilities, including recruitment, retention, and compensation, HR professionals remain in high demand. There are several benefits to being an HR manager in the UK.

  • Stable career: Although technology can simplify recruitment and payroll processes, HR professionals are still essential. This makes HR a stable career choice.
  • Potential for higher earnings: HR professionals can add value to organizations in various ways, resulting in good compensation. 
  • Opportunity to impact lives: HR professionals can advocate for policies and procedures that improve employees’ lives. As part of their job duties, they ensure employee well-being and happiness, making it possible to make a positive impact on their lives.
  • Professional development: HR offers ample scope for professional growth. From creating appropriate compensation packages to using technology for candidate screening, HR provides a fast-paced environment for professional advancement.
  • Dynamic work environment: As an HR professional, every workday is unique. They may assist an employee with leave approval on one day and conduct exit interviews for departing employees the next.
  • People-oriented work: HR professionals collaborate with individuals from other departments, interact with them regularly, and assist existing employees with their queries. This makes it a people-oriented profession.

Career Opportunities for HR Managers in the UK Job Market

HR Managers can choose from various roles available in the UK job market. Some of these roles are mentioned below.

  1. Administration and HR Manager
  2. General Manager HR
  3. HR Plant Manager
  4. Senior HR Manager
  5. HR Payroll Manager 
  6. HR Operations Manager


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Effective management of human resources is crucial to the success of any thriving organization. As a result, the demand for human resource management (HRM) jobs has increased both in the UK and abroad. HR managers play a vital role in providing clear direction and guidance to employees, and creating a positive and encouraging work environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are HR managers in demand in the UK?

Due to the need for HR professionals to manage the hiring of new talent, retention of current employees, and oversee compensation, the demand for HR roles remains high across all organizations.

Is HR well-paid in the UK?

Yes with high-ranging average annual salaries, HR is a well-paid domain in the UK.

Is HR a good career in the UK?

Yes. The field of HR presents an abundance of possibilities across all business sectors and is an indispensable element of any thriving organisation.

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