Singapore Student Pass Full Application Guide

Why you need the Singapore student pass

The Singapore student pass is that country’s equivalent to a student visa or study permit. Depending on who you are and where you are coming from, you might need to obtain this document in order to be allowed to come to Singapore and study there.

Since this Southeast Asian country is one of the most popular destinations for students looking to study abroad, both because of its academically excellent institutions as well as its fascinating culture, we have decided to create a guide to help you. After reading it, you should have a robust understanding of the process and potentially be on your way to becoming a student in this wonderful place!

When to apply for a Singapore student pass?

Once you have received an official written invitation to enrol in a college or university, you can start the process of applying for your pass. Applications for student passes to Singapore are typically handled quickly. If all the conditions for it have been met, you should receive your visa in 15 to 30 days on average. But occasionally, more information might be required by the immigration agents. Students can be asked to come in for an interview at the embassy. In certain situations, processing the student pass may take several months. Most universities necessitate that you submit your visa application at least one month prior to the start of your course, semester, or academic year, but it is recommended to begin the visa application procedure no later than two months beforehand.

The two variants of the pass

The Singapore student pass has two variants:

1. Based on the duration of the program:  You can apply for a long-term or short-term student pass, depending on how long you plan to attend the program. The short-term pass, which usually lasts up to three months, is perfect for students who intend to enrol in certificate or diploma programs. A long-term pass is required for admission to a bachelor’s or master’s program, though.

2. Based on the type of program: You can usually find information about the course you are taking on your student pass. A vast array of courses, including bachelor’s and master’s degrees, are available in Singapore, including diploma, certificate, vocational, and practical training programs for overseas students.

Do note that your Singapore student pass also doubles as an employment pass should you want to do part-time work during your studies.


Most students looking for a pass will have to pay two fees:

1. The Visa processing fee of SGD 30 is paid when you submit your application.

2. The Visa issuance fee of SGD 60 for every pass issued in your name is paid when collecting any respective pass.

Additionally, if you happen to exit and re-enter the country during your studies, you will have to pay an extra SGD 30 as a multiple-entry fee.

Documents required for the Singapore student pass

The following documents are required to meet the requirements for the pass:

1. Your current and legible passport, valid for a minimum of three months.

2. Completed student visa application forms: Form 16 (the main application for student pass) and Form V36 (for additional information on the applicant).

3. A receipt showing that you have paid the visa application fee.

4. The invitation letter issued by your university in Singapore.

5. Bank statements showing that you can fund your education in Singapore, both in terms of tuition and living expenses.

6. Bank loan sanction letter (if applying for a student loan), along with proof of investments, if requested by the ICA.

7. Transcripts of your degrees, diplomas or any certificates received from schools in your home country.

8. Test scores required by your college, which could be GMAT, TOEFL, GRE, PTE etc.

9. Document showcasing how you plan to deal with all the costs associated with living in Singapore.

How to apply for the student pass

Finally, let us take a look at the full process of applying for a student pass in Singapore:

1. Your university needs to register an application on the SOLAR website on your behalf.

Make sure your college in Singapore is registered with the SOLAR system and that you have your admission letter. Typically, they should give SOLAR your information, including name, country, date of birth, gender, and course details. Additionally, they will provide you with an application reference number that you can use to log into SOLAR and begin the visa application process.

2. Submit Form 16 and Form v36.

In order to submit e-Form 16, you must log into the SOLAR website. Before logging in, make sure you have the following information:

a. Note acknowledging receipt of registration and login credentials issued by the university.

b. Your passport number and expiration date.

c. Your Singaporean address and phone number. If you do not have these details, you can supply the address of your university.

d. Your email address.

e. A current passport-size photo.

3. Pay the application fee after reviewing the form.

Getting your Singapore student pass

If you follow our guide then you should have no problems getting your pass and being on your way to study in Singapore! That said, depending on where you live, there might be slight differences in requirements. The best thing to do is contact your local embassy for any additional info. We wish you the best of luck getting your student pass and studying abroad!


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