Tips to Ace Your SAT Exam

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The SAT is one of the most sought after examinations in the world taken by over 1 million students every year across the world. It tests the aptitude of students in the key skill areas – Reading, Writing, and Mathematical Aptitude. In preparation for the SAT test, it is important to remember everything you studied and to be prepared. Make sure you plan efficiently and know all the information you need before the big test.

Here are some must have tips for you if you are getting ready to ace your SAT exam!

  1. Early Decision

Preparation time is crucial; so, if you start early, you achieve your goal easily. Ideally, one should have at least 6 months’ time to prepare for the test and in case of a year’s time it’s perfect.  On the other hand, if you have less than 6 months before test, there are no reasons to be aware and take help from experts who can help you with their expertise.

  1. Create a Study Schedule

The SAT exam is designed to find out your areas of strength and test your mental abilities. Hence, it is vital to follow a study schedule that helps you cover all the necessary areas. Alongside studying all the necessary test material consistently, it is also important to create a schedule for practice tests to find out your areas of improvement.

  1. Goal Setting

Once you give the sample test, you realize your potential, and then give yourself a target score. What I mean by target score is your minimum requirement for your future school. A good score is 1450+ whereas some colleges can give admission at 1250+ however a few colleges’ eligibility is 1500+. So, Target score should be in-sync with your college where you are applying.

  1. Know your Starting Point:

If you want to go farther, you should know your current location. Similarly, before preparing for the test, you should give sample tests to diagnose your performance, weaknesses, and strengths, Additionally, in the first sample test, time should be measured, not strictly followed, because initially quality matters over number of questions a student attempts. However, do not leave any question blank as there is no negative marking.

  1. Choosing the Right SAT Study Materials

Always refer to quality materials while studying for the SAT resources. Given the vast nature of the syllabus, it is always a good idea to consult study material from experienced and trusted sources so you can have a better preparation of the exam itself.

  1. Target Weaknesses and Mistakes

Given the time bound nature of the exam, it is always advised that students should not ideally waste their time on certain questions if it takes longer than anticipated. To understand that, it is crucial to go through the SAT syllabus and mock tests to understand.  It helps in understanding what areas can be covered in a designated time and identifying areas where you might need a little extra space.

  1. Test Review and Analysis

Testing is the best method to eliminate the test anxiety as well as experiencing the test environment. This test is approximately 4 hours long so giving test would make you comfortable in long hours, Give at least 6 practice test before the real SAT in a serene environment.  Analysis of each test is not only important to determine existing mistakes but also to trace hindsight errors. Taking corrective actions would improve the performance in the test. Student should make an error log to reduce the ambiguity in errors because this is the best solution to overcome oversight errors.

  1. Understand the Time Structure

The time management for the SAT exam plays a key role in the outcome of the results. Ensure that you track your time as you progress through each section, since it’s easy to lose track of it. Mock Tests are a great way of making yourself familiarizing with the time pressure. The more comfortable you become with time limits, the less likely you are to make careless mistakes.

  1. Answer the Familiar Questions First

One of the thumb rules for attempting the SAT exam is to go through the current section and answering all the questions you know first. Quickly answering the questions you know will give you more time to work on the questions you are less comfortable with.

  1. Read the Directions Carefully During the Test

Make sure you are completely aware while reading any direction, passage or information while attempting the SAT exam. Research about the general instructions for each section will help you get an understanding about this.

The SAT isn’t easy, but a good plan and enough diligence can get you there. At AGSD, our experienced counselors and faculties help guide students in creating an effective strategy for SAT and help them maximize their results. With dedication, consistency, and alacrity it is definitely possible to bolster your confidence and your test preparation. Good luck !!

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  • 6 August, 2022