Top 10 Best Colleges For Internships in The USA

best colleges for internships

Our Picks For The Best Colleges For Internships

More and more students are looking for the best colleges for internships. This is because, in today’s job market, employers increasingly demand hands-on experience from their future employees. Colleges can no longer be places where studying is the only thing to focus on. International students are searching for universities that offer them space to explore internship opportunities and other similar programmes where they can gain valuable work experience.

For this reason, we have created this blog article where we will list the top 10 universities to look into if you are trying to get as many opportunities as possible for internships and co-op programmes in the USA. Although some of these might sound familiar to you, there are a few lesser-known ones as well. You might be surprised.

10. Cornell University

Being one of the most well-known ivy league universities in the country, it should come as no surprise to find Cornell on this list. It has a long tradition of allowing students from a variety of programmes to find opportunities to hone their skills in practical ways.

A range of summer programmes are offered by Cornell University to aid students in gaining experience in their intended fields of study. These include summer research programmes that allow undergraduates to take part in graduate-level research as well as Cornell in Hollywood, a programme that offers internships in Los Angeles relating to the film industry.


9. Elon University

Elon University might not be usually cited among typical American ivy league giants, but it is for sure one of the best colleges for internships. Not only does the university encourage them, but they are a requirement.

For all students to graduate from Elon University, they must complete an experiential learning requirement. The requirement may be satisfied through an internship, a co-op, study abroad, independent research, service-learning initiatives, or a leadership position under the guidance of a mentor. According to the university’s website, internship participation is the most common among students, followed by service and study abroad.


8. Purdue University

Having been founded in 1869, Purdue University is among the older colleges in the USA. Like the rest of the institutions on this list, the school has a unique system for encouraging internships and co-op programmes. In this case, it is a multi-session co-op that is the focus when talking about its particular practices.

The same employer must be used for the whole three to five-session co-op programme. According to the university’s website, the objective is to give students the opportunity to develop relationships with their employer, work on more projects, and take on greater responsibility, making sure they are ready to provide value in their future endeavours.


7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Not only is MIT a household name for quality when it comes to universities, it is also one of the best colleges for internships. Being a technology-focused university, there is a lot of focus on hands-on research as well as skill application. This means a lot of room to gain experience.

For all types of students, MIT has a wide range of internship opportunities. The MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives is one such initiative that connects over 900 undergraduate and graduate students with paid internships, teaching, and research opportunities all around the world.


6. Georgia Institute of Technology

We have yet another technology institute on this list. This is to a large extent because this area lends itself to practical application. While MIT was mostly focused on international internships, this university offers quite a comprehensive co-op programme.

An optional five-year co-op programme is offered at Georgia Tech. Through their junior year, students alternate between working full-time and attending school. Expect to work for at least three semesters if you enrol in the optional co-op programme. The largest voluntary co-op programme in the United States is offered at Georgia Tech, according to the university’s website.


5. Duke University

Finally, a university that focuses more on art and social sciences but that is also one of the best colleges for internships. Similarly to Elon University, there is a requirement for certain programmes to complete an internship or co-op programme in order to complete their degree.

According to the school’s website, Duke University’s internship requirements differ by programme. But among the degrees that demand internships are those in public policy and art history. The institution offers $4,000 in competitive grant assistance for living expenses for qualified students participating in unpaid or low-paying summer internships that pay less than $1,500.


4. University of Cincinnati

One of the best things about the University of Cincinnati is that, considering some sort of internship is a requirement for graduating, they will make sure that those unable to take part in the main programme for whatever reason are able to opt for something that suits them.

The university’s co-op programme is a requirement for students who major in engineering, applied science, design, architecture, art, and planning, as well as information technology. Before graduating, students often complete three to five semesters of co-ops. Students with several other majors can also participate in the co-op programme. Students who are unable to take part in the more than 100-year-old programme may obtain internships or take part in other international or national service-learning initiatives.


3. Berea College H3

Berea College is one of the best colleges for internships because it not only gives you an opportunity to work right there on campus but rather allows you to finance your studies with the money you earn.

All Berea College students are obliged to work at least 10 hours per week in authorized occupations on campus or in the community as part of the institution’s Labor Programme, which dates back to 1859, while maintaining a full course load. Students can enrol in the institution for free by taking part in the Berea Labor Programme. Students have the option to engage in service learning and internships in addition to on-campus employment.


2. Drexel University

Drexel University was founded in 1891 and has developed a reputation as a great university for those looking to participate in co-op programmes during their studies. It may not rank among the top 20 in the world for pure academics, but it is difficult to beat in terms of internship offerings.

Students at Drexel University might be required to do one to three co-ops before graduating, depending on their degree. Regularly lasting six months, co-ops are full-time occupations that alternate with six months of academic education. Students often begin their co-ops after taking preparation classes during their sophomore or junior year, depending on whether they are on the four- or five-year track.


1. Northeastern University

Not only is Northeastern University among the best colleges for internships, it is also incredibly efficient in preparing their students for the job market more broadly, teaching them additional important soft skills.

Co-op students at Northeastern University are expected to enrol in a preparation course where they will learn about issues such as how to write a résumé, conduct interviews, and workplace etiquette. Students must speak with their co-op coordinator before taking part in their first co-op, which happens during the second semester of their sophomore year or the summer after. Even though it is not obligatory, the majority of students participate in co-ops.



To conclude, it is valuable to mention how the universities best suited for finding internships and co-op programmes might not always be the best academically. If you check out some of our other top school lists, you will find universities that do, for the most part, offer some type of internship assistance for those that are interested, but these are the ones that will certainly not let you down in this department.

Good luck with your studies and work experience!

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