When to Start the Application Process for US Universities?

application process for US Universities

If you’re applying for a Bachelor’s degree in the US, then the universities generally offer 2 deadlines. Early deadlines for Fall admission will be between October and November of the preceding year, and the regular admission deadlines will be between January and March of the same year. If you’re applying for Post-graduation [Master’s/Ph.D], then the deadlines depend upon the semester in which you’re enrolling.

For Fall admissions, your deadlines can be anywhere from January to March, while if you’re applying for Spring admissions, your deadline is probably between July and September, the previous year.

Now, let’s Start with the Time of the Entire Admissions Procedure.

Fall Admissions

For US Universities, the major intake session is the Fall session. So everything presented here is from the standpoint of applying for the Fall semester. The Spring intake will be covered in another blog.

The Fall semester usually begins in September, when the weather changes from summer to fall. Let us now work backwards from September. To begin your studies in September, you must apply many months in advance. Application deadlines for the fall semester might be set as early as November of the preceding year. If you want to attend the Fall 2023 admission session, for example, the application deadlines will normally expire in November 2022. That’s nine months before you even start your session. Not all application deadlines are this early, but the majority are between December and February, leaving you with many months before you can begin your studies on campus.

Now, a lot of Students will be in School or College by Then. But that’s not a Problem.

Most students apply to US institutions while being in their last year of college or in the 12th grade. This implies that when institutions assess your application, they may not have access to all of your final grades. If you are presently enrolled in a four-year degree programme, your application will include academic information for three or three and a half years. Similarly, if your study lasts three years, your application will include academic information from the previous two to two and a half years. If you’re in 12th grade, then your transcripts from recent exams will do the job.

The Indian educational system, like the British and French systems, demands a final leaving test. And because American institutions are fully aware of this, you will be able to apply before taking your final examinations. When you apply, you may be requested to submit projected or provisional exam scores.

So, let’s assume you apply in January and start your studies in September. What happens in the interim? Universities make their admission judgements at times they deem fit. Depending on the university and when you apply, you might receive your admissions decision as early as February or as late as April.

The first week of May is commonly referred to as the candidate’s reply date, and it is the deadline for accepted students to select the institution to which they will attend. So, in order to begin your session in September, you select a university in May that you apply to months in advance.

Applying to US Universities can be a tedious & time consuming task and will require a dedicated effort on your part, which can be overwhelming at times. And that’s why Allen Global Studies Division keeps on publishing valuable information regularly, so that you can get all the help in pursuing your dreams. But if you still feel that you won’t be able to manage on your own and need help, feel free to contact us by filling the registration form below. Our study abroad experts are always ready to assist and counsel you. All the best! 

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