How to Get Admission in Harvard University From India?

Harvard University admission

Harvard University, one of the world’s most prominent universities, is a goal for many individuals who want to further their education in the United States. You may wonder how to apply to Harvard University from India. We will explore Harvard University admission requirements, the admission process, recommendations for getting into Harvard University, application deadlines, foreign admissions, entrance examinations, extracurricular activities, and essays in this article.

Harvard University Admissions Requirements

You must meet the entrance standards to apply to Harvard University. The prerequisites are as follows:

  • Academic Requirements: You must have an excellent academic record. Harvard University anticipates that you will have completed a challenging high school curriculum with rigorous Maths, Science, Social studies, and Language arts coursework. You should have a high GPA and SAT, generally (1500 out of 1600)/ACT(34 out of 36) scores
  • Language Proficiency: As an Indian international student, you must verify your English competence by taking the TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo English Test.
  • Recommendation Letters: Harvard University requires two letters of recommendation from teachers familiar with you and who can speak to your academic abilities and personal qualities.
  • Extracurricular Activities: Harvard University seeks students who are well-rounded and have excelled in extracurricular activities such as sports, music, community service, or leadership roles.
  • Essay for getting into Harvard University: You must create a captivating essay demonstrating your personality, ambitions, and love of learning.

Applying to Harvard University from India

If you are an Indian student interested in applying to Harvard University, you must go through the admissions procedure. You can also check Harvard’s official website. The following steps are included in the admissions process:

  • Research: Before applying to Harvard University, thoroughly research the university and its programs. Browse the Harvard University website, participate in virtual information sessions, and speak with current or former students.
  • Choose a Program: Harvard University provides diverse undergraduate and graduate programs. Pick the curriculum that best fits your academic and professional goals.
  • Establish an Account: Sign up for a Common or Coalition Application account. These are online applications that allow you to apply to a variety of universities.
  • Fill out the Application Form: Put your personal information, academic record, extracurricular activity, and essay in the application.
  • Documents required: Transcripts, standardised test results, letters of recommendation, and language proficiency test scores are all essential documents to be submitted.
  • Pay the Application Fee: Use a credit card or a bank transfer to pay the application fee.

Harvard University Admission Process

Harvard University’s admissions procedure is highly competitive. Harvard University receives many applications every year, and only a few students are accepted. The following steps are included in the admissions process:

  • Application Review: The admissions committee thoroughly examines your application. Your academic record, extracurricular activities, essays, and letters of recommendation are all considered.
  • Interview: You may be invited to an interview if your application is chosen. The interviewer can also ask about your academic and personal background. 
  • Admission Decision: Your academic qualifications, extracurricular activities, essay, and interview performance are all considered by the admissions committee.

Tips for Getting Into Harvard University

The various tips are:

  • Strive for academic excellence: Harvard University is well-known for its academic rigour and high expectations. To be admitted to Harvard, you must have an outstanding academic record. Strive for high marks and enrol in challenging classes.
  • Create a passion: Harvard encourages pupils who are enthusiastic about something. Music, community service, and research are all possibilities. Pick something you are enthusiastic about and pursue it with zeal.
  • Participate in extracurricular activities: Harvard University seeks students who are not only academically strong but also have a wide range of interests and abilities. Engage in extracurricular activities that allow you to demonstrate your leadership, creativity, and teamwork.
  • Seek leadership positions: Harvard values students who can inspire and lead others. Look for leadership positions in your school or community.
  • Participate in research: Harvard is known for its brilliance in research. Take advantage of any opportunities to participate in research. This will show your intellectual interest and research abilities.

Harvard University Application Deadlines

For regular admission to UG, Harvard University has a tight application deadline of January 1st. The deadline for early action is November 1st. It is noteworthy that Harvard University does not provide an early decision option. To avoid any last-minute complications, it is recommended that you submit your application well in advance of the deadline.

Harvard University International Admissions

Harvard University accepts applications from students from all over the world. On the other hand, international students must be aware of the additional standards they must meet. International students must take an English proficiency examination, such as the TOEFL or IELTS. 

Students must also supply extra paperwork, such as financial statements, to demonstrate that they can afford to attend Harvard. International students should begin the application process as soon as possible to ensure they have enough time to complete all criteria.

Harvard University Entrance Exams

Harvard University requires candidates to submit their SAT or ACT results as part of their application. It is critical to prepare thoroughly for these exams because they significantly influence your admission decision. Take practice exams, sign up for test prep classes, and seek advice from your teachers or counsellors.

Extracurricular Activities for Harvard University admissions

Harvard University values students with a wide range of interests and abilities. Engaging in extracurricular activities allows you to demonstrate your leadership, creativity, and teamwork. Extracurricular activities that can help your Harvard application include:

  • Volunteering for a cause you care about indicates your dedication to positively influencing the world.
  • Music or art: If you have a talent for music or art, put it on display. Participate in art competitions or exhibitions, or join a band.
  • Sporting activities demonstrate your discipline, collaboration, and leadership abilities.
  • Participation in debates or public speaking competitions demonstrates your communication abilities and intellectual interest.


Admission to Harvard University from India is a challenging but attainable aim for those who are devoted and committed to their academic studies. 

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As stated in this article, prospective applicants must focus on academic performance, highlight their unique abilities and skills, and demonstrate a passion for their chosen subject of study. Furthermore, showcasing research projects, internships, and extracurricular activities can improve one’s chances of admission into Harvard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1: What are the admission requirements for Harvard University?

Ans: Harvard University requires applicants to submit standardised test scores (such as SAT or ACT), transcripts, essays, letters of recommendation, and a list of extracurricular activities.

Ques 2: What is the application process for Harvard University?

Ans: To apply to Harvard University, you must submit an online application, along with the required documents mentioned above. The application deadline for Regular Decision is January 1st, and Early Action is November 1st.

Ques 3: How important are extracurricular activities for Harvard University admissions?

Ans: Harvard University values well-rounded applicants and considers extracurricular activities when making admissions decisions. However, the quality of your activities is more important than the quantity.

Ques 4: What are some tips for writing a successful application essay for Harvard University?

Ans: To write a successful application essay for Harvard University, be authentic, and use specific examples to showcase your experiences, achievements, and goals. Be sure to proofread and edit your essay carefully.

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