7 Apps That Make Studying Abroad Easier

Making the Most of Your Time Abroad: Essential Apps for Students

Studying abroad presents exciting opportunities for personal and academic growth, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges. Fortunately, with the help of modern technology, navigating life in a new country has never been easier. Here are seven essential apps that can streamline your study abroad experience:

1. Duolingo

Kickstart your language learning journey with Duolingo, a popular language learning platform that offers free courses in over 40 languages. Whether you are studying in a non-English speaking country or simply want to improve your language skills, Duolingo provides interactive lessons tailored to your proficiency level.

2. AroundMe

Studying abroad is an exciting adventure filled with new experiences and opportunities. However, navigating unfamiliar surroundings can sometimes be challenging. That is where the AroundMe app comes in. Designed to help users explore their surroundings and find nearby amenities, AroundMe is a valuable tool for international students looking to make the most of their study abroad experience.

3. Vesti

As a migration fintech company, Vesti offers a range of services designed to simplify the migration process and support international students every step of the way. From visa applications to financial planning, Vesti offers comprehensive support to help students achieve their study abroad goals.

4. RefMe

RefME app can greatly assist students studying abroad by providing a tool for easy source citation and bibliography creation. This app automatically generates citations in various formats, making it easier for students to keep track of sources during research projects. Additionally, RefME enables users to share and sync bibliographies across different devices, facilitating the organization of research materials while studying abroad.

5. Circle of Six

Circle of Six is a crucial app for students, offering security and connection in equal measure. With the ability to track your friends’ locations and request assistance if needed, it ensures peace of mind. Simply share the app with six trusted friends to keep tabs on each other’s safety and well-being effortlessly

6. Uber

Uber is the go-to solution for overcoming language barriers when using local taxis abroad. With just a few taps on your phone, you can order a taxi in your preferred language, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free ride to your destination. Offering safety, affordability, and round-the-clock availability, Uber is the ultimate travel companion.

7. WiFi Connect

When you are juggling WhatsApp messages with family, streaming Spotify, or consulting essential books, access to the internet is indispensable. Whether you are enjoying free data roaming or relying on a local SIM card, having access to free Wi-Fi is invaluable. With GPS functionality, the app locates nearby public Wi-Fi hotspots, allowing you to filter results by specific locations like cafes or libraries. Plus, you can bookmark your favorite spots for future reference, ensuring you always know where to find reliable Wi-Fi.

Download now all of these apps and embark on the experience of a lifetime!

In conclusion, these apps offer invaluable assistance to students studying abroad, simplifying various aspects of their experience. From language learning to transportation and safety, each app serves a unique purpose in enhancing the overall study abroad journey. By leveraging these technological tools, students can navigate unfamiliar territories with confidence, stay connected with loved ones, and make the most of their international education.

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