12 Best Part-Time Jobs for International Students in the UK

part-time jobs for international students in the UK

What Are the Best Part-Time Jobs for International Students in the UK?

There are many part-time jobs for international students in the UK. As we have mentioned in our previous post, you can work up to 20 hours per week with a UK student visa. This is great as it allows you to gain work experience while supporting yourself and earning a bit of extra pocket money.

Keep in mind that these are part-time jobs. As such, do not expect anything grand or something requiring a lot of commitment. This makes them perfect for students who want to primarily focus on their studies but are also interested in working on the side without being overworked or stressed out.

Let us now take a look at the best part-time jobs for international students in the UK.

1. Barista

Average pay: £9.96 per hour.

We wanted to start off with something fairly normal. Despite the overabundance of tea drinkers in the UK, people still love their cup of joe there. You will find quite a rich coffee culture, especially in bigger cities. Many people depend on it to get them through work-filled days.

Being a barista does take some training but this can be a fun way to spend time as well as earn some extra cash. The good about being a barista is that it is a job where you get to interact with a lot of different people, potentially making important personal and professional connections.

2. Server

Average pay: £10.08 per hour.

At first, being a server might seem similar to being a barista. However, they are actually quite different and require separate skill sets. Some things remain the same, of course. For example, both baristas and servers will benefit from having people skills. However, a server must also have good spatial awareness as well as a good memory.

Something that makes these two of the best part-time jobs for international students in the UK is you will very quickly be forced to improve your English if it is not up to par.

3. Bartender

Average pay: £9.96 per hour.

The UK is well-known for being a place where people drink a lot. As such, you do not have to wander long to find a pub, bar, or even a club. Thus, someone is always looking for a bartender.

While being a barista or server will help improve your English and make you more social, being a bartender will definitely take your people skills to an entirely new level. Be warned, though, that introverts and shy people will find this job to be intimidating. It requires you not only to be able to mix and serve drinks but also to have good banter as well as be able to thrive under the pressure of a loud environment full of drunk people.

4. Hotel receptionist

Average pay: £8.97 per hour.

Speaking of improving your people skills, working as a hotel receptionist is a great way to test them. This is a job that can either be quite easy or a complete nightmare, depending on what kind of people visit or call the place you work at.

For anyone who likes culture and diversity, this is one of the better part-time jobs for international students in the UK. You will often find yourself interacting with foreigners and the potential is there to meet a lot of different people. However, this job usually does not pay as much as some others.

5. Retail Assistant

Average pay: £9.88 per hour.

The foundation of the successful UK retail business is made up of retail assistants, often known as shop, store, or sales assistants. They assist consumers, refill inventory, handle complaints, and generally maintain the store.

On top of having the opportunity to work with a lot of different people, you will receive benefits and employee discounts. This is invaluable for international students with a limited budget. Whatever money you can save is good. Not to mention that this will allow you to buy clothes from a variety of popular brands, some of which are difficult to come by outside of the UK.

6. Tutor

Average pay: £24.50 per hour.

Finally, here is a part-time job that pays pretty well. Depending on your resources and availability, though, it might be challenging. However, if you are looking to make an impact, then this is one of the best part-time jobs for international students in the UK.

You might tutor kids, teenagers, other university students, or those with special education needs. If you’re an undergraduate student, keep in mind that some jobs might call for you to have a degree in the topic you’re instructing.

7. Translator

Average pay: £12.58 per hour.

Speaking a language other than English will make you an attractive prospect for a translating job. Of course, you will need to be proficient in English to a high degree, but international students should already have the advantage here. It’s an excellent way to earn some extra money along with learning something new.

This is a job that will keep your language abilities in tip-top shape, whether you’re translating research papers, business websites, marketing copy, or articles. Furthermore, for anyone who is studying linguistics, it is great practice and a potential foundation for a future side hustle.

8. Prep Cook

Average pay: £10.61 per hour.

A prep cook prepares all the ingredients that line cooks will use to make meals. All the ingredients must be washed, sliced, chopped, and cut before being stored and labelled. They also look after the kitchen inventory.

Depending on your field of study, this might be one of the stranger part-time jobs for international students in the UK. However, for more creative types or those that are good and quick with their hands, this is an excellent opportunity to earn money while also having access to in-house meals prepared by pro chefs.

9. Leaflet distributor

Average pay: £9.43 per hour.

This job is exactly what it sounds like. It is a person who distributes flyers or leaflets among the public to advertise certain businesses. After a long day at school, it is a terrific job for students who want to work in a high-energy but less intense environment.

Although this job might not pay much, it is relatively low-stress compared to some others on this list. You will also learn how to be more persuasive and improve your charisma as those are necessary to be good at this line of work.

10. Research Assistant

Average pay: fixed salary depending on the university.

This job belongs on the list of the more academic part-time jobs for international students in the UK. Graduate or doctoral students may have the opportunity to work as research assistants at their schools.

While most research assistant opportunities are full-time, one-year positions, there are some part-time positions available as well. As a research assistant, you will probably get a salary instead of getting paid by hours. Overall, working as a research assistant is an excellent opportunity to conduct cutting-edge research, get mentored by thought leaders in your field, and publish your findings.

11. Teaching Assistant

Average pay: £9.85 per hour.

This is another academic position. You will get the chance to assist with lectures, give comments to students, and, most importantly, develop professional experience in your field of work or study. Teaching assistant positions are frequently only available to graduate or postgraduate students, but sometimes undergraduate students can apply to help with lower-level courses.

Along with the last one, this job can really help you cement yourself academically. If you are someone looking to work at a university, give these two a shot.

12. Dog Walker

Average pay: £11.03 per hour (+ unlimited tail wags).

We saved the best for last! Of course, this assumes you are a dog lover. If not, feel free to skip over this one. This is an incredible job for a student. Not only does it reduce stress but it also makes sure you get at least some exercise amidst all of your academic work.

This is one of those jobs that are as good for your soul as it is for your wallet.

Which of the Best Part-Time Jobs for International Students in the UK is Right for You?

It is indeed a difficult question to answer. Our advice would be to consider your personality as well as what your goals are. If you are just looking to maximize how much money you can earn, then going for the better-paying options is definitely something you can do. Some of you, however, might find the actual job description more important as well as how compatible you are with it.

We have listed 12 jobs here but even that is just the tip of the iceberg. The abundance of choices is a curse as much as it is a blessing, but we are certain you will be able to find your dream job if you just look hard enough.

Check out our list of top UG universities in the UK for ideas on where to study if this list has inspired you to try and become an international student. Alternatively, feel free to browse our website for more general help on anything having to do with studying abroad.

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